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Know your abilities and skills in English Language. Discover your Abilities, Grow and Enhance your personality Discover yourself.

Let us guide you through the Ticket to Work Program! We currently have four Employment Specialists dedicated to helping you reach your goals toward self-sufficiency.

Some of the one-on-one, personal services we currently offer include:
Career counseling
Cover letter and resume assistance
Job search assistance
Interview preparation
Benefits planning referral
Job retention services
Job accommodation planning

With the proper resources, we believe your abilities and potential are limitless. Our Employment Specialists work directly with a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor who is also a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor to provide you with the resources necessary for you to succeed in the workforce as a self-sufficient individual. In order to reach your success, our services are most appropriate for people who:
Have access to a computer and the internet
Have access to a telephone
Have access to a printer
Are willing to dedicate the time necessary to the job search
Are motivated to make things happen for themselves
Want to earn enough to eventually come off of benefits and be self-sufficient

By joining us in working with the Ticket to Work program, you partner with us in providing the best services to you to assure success. Unfortunately, we are currently not able to accept applicants who are enrolled in classes or interested in a virtual or telecommuting position. Some of the benefits the Ticket to Work program provides are:

A Trial Work Period where you can see if you are able to work without risking losing your benefits
Medical reviews are suspended while you are meeting the requirements of the Ticket to Work program
Medicare & Medicaid can be maintained for an extended period of time

If you are ready to Discover Your Ability and meet an Employment Specialist, please click the Application tab above so we can get you started! We look forward to working with you to reach your goals!

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