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My approach to website design is different.
Your site should evoke your personality, which is what makes your business special. It is your competitive edge. You do not want to look and feel like everyone else.

Many sites overlook the personal aspect of small business. I can help you identify your distinctiveness and project that image to the public. I can give you a voice.

A website is a vital investment in your future.
It will save you time and money, market your business to a wide audience, give you credibility and make you competitive in today’s market.

Let’s talk about,what I can do for you. CALL ME TO DISCUSS ABOUT YOUR WEBSITE:-

EVM Tampering Allegations: Valid or Exaggeration?


Histories Of Feminisms



Today, Freedom From Fear Is Freedom From Mainstream Media



‘I Condemn Pulwama Attack’: Say #NoToWar By Launching #AntiHateChallenge.

Whether blood be ours or theirs, Its the blood of humankind.
Whether wars be waged in the east or west, It is the murder of world-peace.
Whether houses be bombed or borders, The temple of the Soul is wounded.
War is a problem itself. How will war resolve problems?
Today it will rain fire and blood, Tomorrow, hunger and scarcity

Can India’s EVMs be Hacked? Demonstration by Expert in London

EVM Hacking मामले में अब तक BJP Congress ने क्या कहा, आगे क्या हुआ? | Syed Shuja


National Dastak



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Personality Development Workshop

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