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Metro Train In Hyderabad

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Hyderabad: In a major development, the Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS) has accorded conditional clearance for the launch of Hyderabad Metro Rail services on the Ameerpet-LB Nagar route.

All other safety clearance documents pertaining to Metro civil structures, tracks and electrical systems have already been obtained. A team from the CMRS office had conducted inspections recently on the Ameerpet-LB Nagar route.

“The CMRS clearance has been received with minor conditions, which have to be addressed 48 hours before the launch of commercial operations,” a senior Metro official said.

The CMRS team tested different aspects on the route, especially the Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) signaling system adopted for Hyderabad Metro Rail. Officials said CBTC was an advanced signaling system and needed extensive checks and tests before according clearance for the system.

The safety Directorate of Thales, the signaling supplier for Hyderabad Metro along with Halcrow from United Kingdom, which is an Independent Safety Assessor (ISA), had checked the test results in different scenarios. It had also analysed the safety case from different viewpoints of the CBTC signaling and train control system of Ameerpet-LB Nagar route of Corridor I (Miyapur- LB Nagar).

After the Assembly was dissolved on September 6, there were doubts among many people over the launch of Metro services on the route but all those apprehensions now appear to be settled as the Metro services will be launched anytime soon.

On Sunday, IT Minister KT Rama Rao also announced that the services on the Ameerpet-LB Nagar route would be launched next week.

However, Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited Managing Director NVS Reddy said the CMRS clearance was still awaited.

The launch of Metro services on the route is being eagerly awaited, especially with the patronage for Metro increasing steadily. On September 4, the patronage touched the magic figure of 20 million. At present, over 80,000 passengers are travelling in Metro services every day. On a few occasions, the patronage crossed one lakh mark a day.

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