Daily Islamic Study Syllabus

In addition to presenting the Tafheem ul Quran in English, we have undertaken the essential task of keeping the ummah informed of Islamic Knowledge in a systematic manner.
2. The items of Islamic Study are :
(a) Quran
(b) Hadith
(c) Seerah
(d) Islamic Literature
3. Everyday you shall see the display of :
* 1 Ruku Translation from the Quran (Tafheem ul Quran),
* 6 to 7 Hadith (Riyad as Salihin).
* 1 page Seerah (Raheeq ul Makhtoom)
The Ebooks for these are already available in downloads section. Inshallah the other items will be added soon.
4. Friday shall be a day of revision for readers who missed their everyday Syllabus.

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