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3 Creative Ways to Master English Speaking

Wasting time in boring English speaking classes where you never get a chance to speak English? Spending all your days memorizing grammar rules and word lists? Working with an English tutor who only wants you to take notes and not have conversations?

It is time for you to free yourself from old, inefficient method of learning English. You can learn English speaking as an adult. Trust us. We have helped over 1 million students improve English speaking. You just need to use creative, scientific methods to to your English to the next level.

Here are 3 out of the box approaches to master English speaking fast.

Do something in English everyday. English Speaking is all about practice.

Have you heard of the saying practice makes perfect. This is specially true for things like learning English speaking, dancing, swimming or biking. You can only develop these skills through continuous practice.

Think of how you learn to ride a bike. Do you learn by memorizing parts of a bike or by watching videos of other bikers. No! You learn to ride a bike by actually riding a bike. The same concept applies to learning English speaking. You have to keep on doing things in English so that your brain gets used to thinking in English.

What are somethings you can do in English to improve English speaking skills?

Don’t study Grammar till you are confident in speaking

English grammar is complicated. There are ton’s of rules and exceptions, and more exceptions to those exceptions!

If your goal is to pass exams such as TOEFL and IELTS study grammar. But if you want to improve English speaking fast and become an advanced communicator in English, don’t study grammar.

Let me explain this further. Grammar is all about rules and thinking too much of these rules will make you anxious and scared to speak. And without speaking, you can’t really be fluent in a language.

Think of how to learned your first language. Did you learn all the grammar rules before actually speaking? No! You need to do the same thing learning English speaking. Focus on fluency till you become confident. Then you can fine-tune your grammar.

This is why Spoken English Practice classes are fully conversational and get students to speak 80% of the time. Interested in trying our non traditional English speaking course? Click below

Spoken English Trial Lesson

Conversation practice is more important than corrections

We recently talked to a group of students from Korea on how they learned English. What they told us was that most Korean English tutors would always speak to them in Korean and given them correction in Korean.How unproductive is this? How can you learn to speak English without actually speaking in English. Most English tutors are guilty of this.

If you want to truly improve English speaking pick a Native English teacher who acts more as a Conversation Partner. Someone who will pick a topic and have a conversation.

Most English learners are too shy to speak because they are worried of making mistakes. If your teacher is correcting you all the time, you will be scared to speak in English. The students are worried when they pronounce words if it’s correct or incorrect. They are afraid of making grammar mistakes.

Corrections are important but a teacher should not correct a student every time a mistake is made. Instead they should give corrections later, without interrupting the flow of the conversation. The more conversation practice you get, the better your English speaking will be

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