Importance of English in this modern world

Importance of English in this modern world

M.A.MAJEED, Master Trainer and Senior Coach at EnglishAcademy, Hyderabad.T.S.INDIA.

In this article, I am explaining about the role of English in the modern world and some tips to improve English Language Skills. Effective communication is highly useful as it can convince people and it can make people understand clearly.


English is very important in this modern world. Apart from our mother tongue we need to have a common language which makes us able to communicate with other part of the world. English is the common language which is known to most of the people in the world. It is very important to have good English because an effective communication can reach people better. English words used must be simple so that it can be reached to people easily as well as easily understood by everyone. Nowadays English is being taught to children at primary level itself. Students are strictly made to speak in English when they are in school premises and some modern missionaries schools also punish students with a fine (penalty) – this helps in building a good communication as well as body language.

English can be improved by constant usage, by watching films, reading books with high level Grammar, playing games and trying to use new words. English can be improved by practice. As we know, practice makes the man perfect as well as using good pronunciation and grammar. Most of the jobs in today world are based on English such as IT sector, business field, call Centro jobs and teaching job, etc. So students aspiring for good jobs need to stress upon their English and usage of it because their job depends on this simple structure. English is quite easy in comparison with other languages. Basic English one can learn easily and effortlessly. Mostly people can learn English easily if they try to mater some rules and regulations. Unlike many languages, English does not have a complicated structure and except for a few areas of Grammar, it is quite simple.

English is mainly divided into two accents – US and British. US accent is very slow compared to British accent. Most people of the world follow British accent and only some people follow American accent. In the modern world English is highly useful to have business relations as well as social network with friends and family. A better communicator can communicate effectively and this reaches people very well and chance of misunderstanding is quite less . People can be influenced with your thoughts and ideas as well as they can connect to them without much complication in understanding.

Is English essential in today’s world?

Undoubtedly English is required in today’s world, as you need to communicate from the time you get up till you go to bed for something or other. It is not just English is only a mode of communication; apart from English there are many languages but English is understood by many people and is the most commonly used language. English is taught to small children at pre-primary level itself. This makes understanding it easy. English is simple at the basic level but if we go deep into it, it is quite tough. The functional grammar is very hard. English must also be learnt because it is used to read various instructions on the road and many other places. It becomes a medium to study various subjects and master them. If you have good English, you can answer questions in examinations in your words as you have mastered the usage.

Tips to improve English language:

Any language can be master by constant usage, the more you practice the more you can learn the language. You can watch video about various speeches about communication skills, role play, jam section, debates and group discussion. Watch English news for updating knowledge and movies to catch good ascent and listening skills. Watch movies with subtitle, read newspaper, various articles in internet and good books for developing or improving listening skills. To improve your speaking skills you must prepare power point presentation and practice explaining to your friends and take suggestion. Learn at least ten new words and improve your vocabulary, just learning words won’t make big different using them at proper situations makes a lot of difference. Your pronunciation and ascent is observed by people so focus more on them and try managing your voice. Speak with confidence. Apart from this play vocabulary games.

What is effective communication and its uses?

As we all have different ideas and we need to express it to other to implement them. An effective communication means the way your word connect other and your ideas are express to other in the manner that they can follow your words and understand without any problem. It convinces the others to accept to your ideas. This is more useful in software practices as half of their work is based on communication, any miscommunication might result in loss of lots of money as well as valuable time. An effective communicator can become a successful person. Effective communication has lot of advantages in field of education, public sector, private sector and business zone also as English is required in all fields.

Role of English in day to day life:

English has quite a big role in day to day life. English is used in banks, railway stations, bus stations, airways, educational sector, medical, private sector, etc. English is a trade language with other countries. Many students fly aboard for education and jobs. If their mode of communication is English they can manage their communication with the local people. And students are prime learners of English because if they want to build up a good career, they have to have good English speaking skills and confidence to face many people in interviews. Without English it is very tough to manage in this ultra-modern world.

English in daily life: English has indeed become one of the most important languages any one should know due to the fact that it is a globally understood language. English helps to remove the communication barrier across nations. One can improve English significantly by reading stuff at ISC and writing quality content at ISC. In addition, one can refer English newspapers, online websites, read novels and watch some English movies. These are some of the useful measures for improving English consistently.

Even in a country like India, English is quite often the primary requirement to bag a good job. Majority of education in India is also based on English. It is important to make peace with this language and master it.

It should be appreciated and considered a valuable contribution regarding English language and the tips are given by a tutor or mentor/coach/trainer  to improve English is admirable. If someone abide by the tips his communication capacity surely will become better and better. Now-a-days everybody can understand the importance of the English language. English is the only language to abolish communication gap between nations across the globe.


I would conclude by stating that apart from your mother tongue you need to have a common language to communicate with others and share ideas with them. English plays a role of common language between all countries. English is the official language for many countries and it plays a prominent role in all sector sof work and it is highly useful for business field and private sector.

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