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English in today’s world has become the lingua franca ( of the global community ). It has been the language in every sphere of our life encompassing general study, science, technology and business globally. From education to the job opportunities English, especially your good communicating skill in English helps you a lot shape your dream. You might have a wide knowledge of English but if you lack fluency you tend to feel tongue tied. Learning and speaking English is not a mammoth task. It is very simple when you are led through a scientifically designed process by an expert.

Our course on SPOKEN ENGLISH & PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT is indeed scientifically designed to make our learners fluent in English and help them develop their personality. We offer our course of different levels and the learners have certificates at each level.

BEST ENGLISH ACADEMY started its journey in 1987 and has now emerged as a very popular and reputable organization for Spoken English learning making thousands of aspirants from all walks of life successful. What we ensure first is a conducive, cordial and joyful atmosphere for better understanding of the students. We use our best endeavours to help the learners build their confidence in speaking English teaching them in a joyful atmosphere because we can read their problems well and we always keep every aspirant’s dream, emotion,hopes and expectations in our mind.

BEST ENGLISH ACADEMY is that the place where people from all walks of life come and have the real fun of language learning. They can explore the delight of learning Spoken English and building Personality in our smart and joyful class.


  1. ample chance of speaking practice in class
  2. Group Discussions ( with the proper technique especially for the job interview )
  3. Accent and Pronunciation
  4. Joyful and Quality lessons on multiple things
  5. Job Interview preparation & Mock Interview
  6. Conversation based Business English
  7. Presentation & Demonstration
  8. Activity oriented training
  9. Sessions & Lessons on Personality Development
  10. Conversational Practice on real life situations
  11. Functional Grammar & Contextualized vocabulary building skill
  12. Activity based grammar practice
  13. Courses for all levels
  14. Courses for the learners of all ages & professionals
  15. Limited batch size offering an ideal environment for personalized learning
  16. Affordable Fees

Syllabus ( For all Levels )


Greetings and Manners ( Part-I ),

Basic vocabulary ( contextual ),

Pronouncing words correctly,

Basic Grammar ( Parts of speech, Article, Preposition and an overview of Tenses ),

Basic sentence framing, Situational conversation ( Part-I ), Error correction, Group Discussion Techniques, Interview Skills & Mock interview session ( Part-I ), Business English ( Part-I )


  1. You will feel confident to speak English.
  2. You will be able to answer basic questions in English.
  3. You will have a good command of basic English grammar.
  4. Your vocabulary will be stronger than before.
  5. You will have a good idea about the Job Interview and Group Discussion.


Greetings and Manners ( Part-II ),

General vocabulary,


Situational conversation ( Part-II ),

Reading with correct accent,

Personality Development ( Part-I),

Effective use of idioms and conversational phrases,

Confidence building,

Presentation skill ( Part-I ),

Group Discussion,

Listening exercises,

Grammar ( Tense, Modal verbs and their use in making requests, seeking permission etc.

Adjectives, Different types of questions and their use in conversational English ),

Interview skills and Mock Interview session ( Part-II ),

Business English ( Part-II ), Writing Skill ( formal letters etc. )


  1. You will feel confident to discuss a topic in groups.
  2. You will speak English without stumbling over the ideas and grammar.
  3. You will make your English sound idiomatic.


Personality Development ( Part-II ),

Telephonic conversation,

Public Speaking ( Part-I ),

Presentation skill ( Part-II ),

Modern idioms and their use in daily conversation,

Business English ( Part-III ),

Writing Skill ( e-mail writing etc. ),

Grammar ( Adverbs, Phrasal verbs, Tense, Clause, Voice )


  1. You can speak in any situations.
  2. You will have an excellent command of grammar in English.
  3. You can take a lead in a group discussion.





Public Speaking ( Part-II ),

Group Discussion,

Grammar ( Conditionals, Gerunds, Infinitives, Conjunctions, Direct Speech and Indirect Speech ),

Presentation Skill ( advanced level ),

Personality Development ( Part-III ),

Phonetics ( intonation & Stress pattern in English ),

 Writing skill ( CV writing, e-mail writing etc. )


  1. You will be a confident and fluent speaker of English.
  2. You will be perfect at dealing with any situation in conversational and presentational field.

To build a better life, develop your personality and enjoy learning SPOKEN ENGLISH …… BEST ENGLISH ACADEMY is the best destination for you !

Learn joyfully and Speak Fluently !

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