Arfeen khan speaks about how the positive thinking hoax does not yield expected results within us but developing the right identity code of what you want to achieve creates a far better impact. He also speaks about how we humans are getting into the materialistic and selfish culture and suggests ideas that make us better beings for the world. Arfeen khan is a world-renowned PEAK PERFORMANCE STRATEGIST, SPEAKER and CONSULTANT. For almost 20 years he has helped over 350,000 people in 43 countries create personal and professional transformation. It is Arfeen’s mission to provide the tools and strategies that everyone needs to transcend beyond their limiting fears and beliefs, accomplish their goals and realize their true desires. Arfeen has worked with an extensive range of people including CEOs, students, Bollywood celebrities, and industrialists. As one of the most sought after Peak Performance Strategists in the world, Arfeen uses his innovative and effective transformation strategies to generate radical and permanent results.


Events / Trainings or Programs:-

The Secret Millionaire Blueprint

Call of Destiny


Mental Warrior

Speak To A Fortune

Coach To A Fortune

The Incredible You

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