How to Home Quarantine


An amazing story of post Covid-19 patient:.

Anu T John
Sir Ganga Ram City Hospital/ Flat No.54
Site..3, Vikaspuri


Today is my 12th day of Corona symptoms and I am almost recovered from all the illness. At start point of symptoms, we should take care ourself. I was bit afraid at initial stage, however, extremely confident that this can be managed by anybody with atmost care. I will share my experience and few tips to sustain ourselves..


1 – Starts by sever Body Pain – 1st Day

2 – High Fever – 2nd Day to 5th Day

3.sore of throat 3rd day

4 – Loose Motion/Diarrhoea – 02nd and 03rd Day

5- Loss of Smell & Taste – 03rd Day onwards (partially restored)

6 – I have dry cough. ( 5days)

Treatment (with doctors guide line)and Remedies

1 – Isolated myself to a bath attached bed room. Managed my own set of clothes, and other items

2 – Took Dolo 650mg 3 times a day and managed temperature.

3.Azithromicin 500 mg per day

4- Took 4 to 5 liter water at every day to hydrate myself.

5- Steamed everyday morning and evening

6- Gargled morning and evening with hot water+salt+turmeric powder

7- A mixer of Raw Ginger(cut into small square pieces) + Turmeric Powder + Black Pepper Powder + Tulsi leaf is kept ready in a hot water. Whenever coughing sensation comes, drink this hot water.I am continuing this now also.

8 – Eating normal food.(I take extra some nutritional food added…egg, milk..etc..)

9 – Took rest, slept minimum 12 hours a day.

I hope this worked very well with me and got excellent result. I managed this as a normal viral fever and would come out without major issues.

Please remember that at this juncture, we all are exposed to risk of Corona.

I am sharing my experience which would increase confidence among others and to manage the crisis well.

This is very easy to manage, however, little bit of ignorance may lead to disaster.

Please take care.

Anu T John
Sir Ganga Ram City Hospital..

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