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Hey ! Guys, I help Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Trainers, Design Their Web Presence as trusted and valuable experts in their industry. I own some brands like IQRASOFT.COM, ADSMANAGER.COM, FBMCOACH.COM, LETUSLEARNENGLISH.COM, ZAEQA.COM, THEHIGHWAYPLAZA.COM.

Hi, I am MAMAJEED, An Author and Digital Success Coach and founder of www.IQRASOFT.COM. I am here to help coaches, trainers, speakers and experts to build a super profitable freedom business model Network funnel with the help of their active participation into my courses, programs, webinars, trainings and mentoring. My journey towards freedom began when I decided never to be an employee ever again. I tried out various businesses to support my decision. Started a freelance web designing, since the year 2002 and till 2020, I reach to my ultimate destination I dreamt. With lots of experience I gained during this period I want to share to those who are still struggling to survive in their ventures, business and their lives. Come and join my Network and become successful in a short span of time.

I’m on a mission to help 10,000 people become trusted digital experts in their field of coaching ,training and mentoring.
Are you ready to go? Join my Freedom Business Model Network at:-

  1. www.fbmcoach.com
  2. www.fbm.coach
  3. www.fbm.buzz
  4. www.fbm.webs.network
  5. www.fbm.adsmanager.com
  6. www.fbm.iqrasoft.com
  7. www.AdsManager.Click

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Contact Us:- 1@Fbm.Coach Talk to Us: +91-040-24442211 Mobile: 9989669261 – 8801851572 – 9010528784 – 800 888 3100

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