What makes a Trainer successful!

What do you want to do 2 years from now? Have you decided on what will help you become a success in the training world? Well… sit back and watch this video to get your doubts answered and fast track your journey to becoming a Trainer.0 Shares

Marketing – A key to a successful Seminar

Marketing is the best way for connecting with your audience in the right place and at the right time. Today, that means that you need to meet them where they are already spending time: on the internet. Learn how you can utilize the internet for bringing the audience for your program and earn out of […]0 Shares

Engage your audience with this!

As a Trainer you need to have high energy, keep the audience engaged throughtout….there are simple and easy ways to do it. Watch the video to find out!0 Shares

Discover how you can kick-start your journey to teaching what you love!

What challenges have you overcome? If you say that… my business failed and I started another business, and it failed again. And I started third business…and I achieved. You could do a seminar for what? And who could you give the seminar to? You can give it to small businesses, startups…they’ll come running to you. […]0 Shares

How to structure your content!

Learn how you can structure your content in few easy steps.0 Shares

Don’t be shy to tell your story!

I was speaking to one the participants in my program called “Speak To Fortune” and I asked him, “what are your achievements?” he said, “Oh, they’re too small.” But who decides if the achievement is too small? Because even the smallest achievement can be humungous for the audience! When I tell you that I delivered […]0 Shares

How you can make seminars fun!

A Seminar must be an event where people learn instead of being taught those things. Wonder what that is? I will explain why content is not all that matters. What matters is what the participants learn for sure. Watch the video to learn more !0 Shares

How to create content for a seminar…

Now that you’ve decided to become a motivational speaker, it’s time for you to decide the name of your program. Your program highly depends on your objective – this program will do what? And what results will you get from it? Now let’s break it up into– Main section… what are the main sections of […]0 Shares

Follow Your Passion!

By Arfeen Khan

If you’ve ever wanted to know ‘How To Make a Fortune Teaching What You Love’. Watch This Video Now!0 Shares

How it all started!

By Arfeen Khan

In my Speak To Fortune program, I talk about something called ETR. ETR means Earn The Right! So Earn The Right basically means that everybody that trains, in fact, in anything you do in life, before you’re able to give someone advice you should earn that right. Now, why should you listen to me?

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