Be on religion of your father, Abraham!

مِلَّةَ أَبِیكُمۡ إِبۡرَ ٰ⁠هِیمَۚ
قائم ہوجاؤ اپنے باپ ابراہیم ع کی ملت پر!
Be on religion of your father, Abraham!
[22: 78]

SIO Hyderabad, presents to you
An Online Lecture Series On the Topic

The Legacy of Prophet Ibrahim, AlaihisSalaam,

Lets spend the first 10 days of Zul Hijja discussing Life of our Father Prophet Ibrahim, AlaihisSalaam,

Religious scholars of different organisations will address the young minds!

This list includes Renowned Muslim Scholar Moulana Sajjad Noumani Sb and Janab S Ameen Ul Hasan Sb (Vice President, JIH) along with other Influential Scholars of our city.

?️ 23rd July – 31st July

?️ 9:15 PM to 10:30PM

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