Light Board Setup for Online Tutors

How make Light Boards for Online Tutorials and Coaching Class Video Recordings in an intelligent and innovative way !

[PLEASE DO NOT CALL SATHYAN FOR PURCHASE OF LIGHTBOARD OR ANY OTHER QUERIES REGARDING THE PROJECT. WE DO NOT SELL ANYTHING AND THIS IS JUST A WEEKEND PROJECT. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE POST THEM IN THE COMMENTS BELOW] In this season of ‘Impact’ video series, we will discuss some innovations that could have a positive impact on the technical education system. Here is an interesting project that can make your presentations more interesting and lively. Learn how to make Lightboard on your own and create compelling video lectures without much post-production techniques that your students would fall in love with learning. The overall cost of this project: Rs.3400 Stand – Rs.800 LED Strip with Adapter and Remote – Rs.350 Clear Glass 12mm 3×2 ft with rounded corners and mounting holes drill – Rs.980 Nuts and Bolts – Rs.20 Masking Tape – Rs.200 Dry Erase Markers – Rs.100 Nylon and Plastic Bush – Rs.50

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