‎1) Honesty:
Honesty is the basic quality required for a good leader. ‘A real leader is honest’. A leader should be trustworthy. If a leader is honest he can lead and people will follow him.

Prophet Muhammad was the leader of all Muslims. He was given the titles called ‘Trustworthy and Truthful’.

Abraham Lincoln was referred to as ‘Honest Abe’.

2) Confidence:
Confidence boosts up the leader’s strength. An assertive leader can gain respect from the subordinates, this does not mean that a leader should be overconfident, but he has to ensure that his followers should trust him as a leader. Positive personality traits is a secret of one’s confidence.

Say ‘I can’, don’t say ‘I can’t’.

3) Inspire:
A leader is the source of inspiration. His followers get the inspiration from him. His good characters are the inspiration for others. He can gain success only through his good behaviour. “There is no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections.”

4) Commitment and Passion:
In the beginning every task looks to be an uphill task, but the leader’s commitment and passion will motivate the followers to achieve the goal. The leader’s passion will infuse new energy in the team members.
“A tablespoon of passion, and a pinch of hard work and two cups of perseverance are the secret recipe for success.”

5) Delegation and Empowerment:
A leader does not do everything. He focuses on key responsibilities while the rest leaving to others. He empowers the followers skillfully and delegates task to them. Simultaneously a leader provides resources and support to his team to achieve the objective.

“Busy is not a good word, I think it’s not a good excuse. Get it done; delegate it.”

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