Non agriculture properties enlisting Website/Portal

Government of Telangana started enlisting Non agriculture properties to issue new marron NPB (Non agriculture property book).
Please click the below link for enlisting Non agriculture property for getting new maroon NPB (Non agriculture property book).

Please click

Government of Telangana started enlisting Non Agriculture Properties to issue new marron NPB (Non agriculture property book).

  PrerequisitesPlease have the following documents/information readily available to fill the application.1.Property Tax Identification Number (PTIN) or Tax Receipt2.Aadhaar Number of the Property Owner3.One photograph of the property owner (in .jpg format)4.Area of the property
a. Extent of the plot(if applicable)
b. Built up Area
c. Undivided area (if applicable)5.Family member details along with their Aadhaar details6.Communication Address

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