“Leadership Development for Social change”

4-Day Online Workshop on
“Leadership Development for Social change”
16th, 17th, 18th and 19th July 2020
Will be organised by
Departments of HRD and Indian Society
Jamat e Islami Hind (JIH), Telangana
7pm to 10pm on Zoom

As local and global social issues keep emerging, there is need for leadership to manage them. Empowering students and youth to be social change agents is a daunting task. Such is its significance that many leadership educators regard Social Change leadership as the leadership of the 21st century. Its purpose is to mould leadership as an altruistic process by which change the focus of change is for the betterment of others. Among possible options, it is recommended to adopt a value-based model of leadership development that revolves around service as the vehicle for social change.
The Leadership for Social Change workshop is an effort to enhance participants’ leadership and management skills to facilitate positive social change. This workshop emphasizes on the need to understand personal capabilities and the social environment to create community change. The model is inclusive in that it is designed to enhance the development of leadership qualities in all participants- those who hold formal leadership positions as well as those who do not. In this training program, leadership is viewed as a process rather than as a position whereby the concepts of equity, social justice, self-awareness, personal empowerment, collaboration, citizenship, and service are probed and learnt for extensive application in the field. Values are core critical elements of Social Change– specifically these seven: Awareness, Commitment, Taqwa, Integration, Organization, Networking, and Citizenship (ACTIONS) See Less— with Aleem Khan Falaki and 38 others.

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