Course Overview

The tajweed course is dedicated towards learning the theoretical concepts of tajweed including the practical application oftajweed rules when reciting Quran.

It is a bespoke, self-paced and one on one interactive course to meet your needs. The course is taught by both male and female Islamic scholars (including Hafiz, Mujjawwid and Qari), who have vast experience in online teaching.

Course Outline

The course will focus on the application oftajweed rules when reciting Quran including but not limited to the following topics:

  • Etiquettes of Reciting Quran
  • Introduction to Tajweed
  • Levels of Errors in Pronunciation
  • The Arabic Alphabet
  • Ta’awwuz and Tasmiyah
  • Joining Letters
  • Diacritical Accents (Short Vowels)
  • Stops (Sukun)
  • Nunation (Tanween)
  • Long Vowels
  • Soft Vowels/Diphthongs (Leen)
  • Doubled Letters (Shadd)
  • Hamzah and Alif
  • Rules of the Enabling Hamzah (Hamzat al-Wasl)
  • Points of Articulation (Makhaarij)
  • Intensification (Qalqalah)
  • Rules of Waqf and Continuation
  • Stopping Signs

Course Schedule

Days and Time: Flexibility to select your preferred date and time
Duration: 60 minutes per class
Exams:  there is an exam to obtain certification upon completion of the course.

Break: Your course teacher will inform you about the breaks.

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