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NSoatuvembfSesgrr pem26 odsanitl ncshsofr4rr:3u0 PMeead  · It’s easy to think when you finally reach your goal, you’ll be fulfilled. If you can just lose weight, find love, or achieve success, then you’ll suddenly have all the self esteem and joy you’ve always wanted. But this mindset can create success exhaustion. ☝️

Today on the podcast, Brooke is talking with Dr. Tangie, a physician, Certified Life Coach, and energy healer who helps high achievers align their goals with their souls. She’s sharing why success isn’t just about wealth and how you can avoid burnout on your way to achieving your goals.

If you’ve worked your whole life to become successful, and now that you have it, you still aren’t happy, you’ll want to hear what Dr. Tangie has to say. ➡️ Click the link below to listen to today’s episode.

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