Mindset + Skillset + Toolset = “Magic”

Study room

Hope you are doing awesome?

I’m so glad that you are connected with this community.

You know why?

What you are going to implement in here is going impact at least a few hundred people over the next 90 days.

And when 1000+ people are going to take action together… this literally giving me goosebumps 🙂

A ripple effect is on it’s way!

I want to tell you that YOU are more powerful than you think you are.

Do not discount yourself, your knowledge or your abilities.

Keep your mindset strong.

Keep building your skillsets.

And learn all the new toolsets that I will be giving you.

Mindset + Skillset + Toolset = “Magic”


You can literally create magic with your knowledge when you combine the three elements.

The beauty about this journey is all about your personal evolution.

I’m sure you have already been experiencing this incrementally from the moment you started watching the Freedom Business Model course.

The reason I started this community is to build the NEXT BREED of digital teachers and coaches who can really make a difference in this world.

Moving away from a typical “product selling” or “program selling” model in a knowledge business, I would like to build an army of knowledge givers who are “community builders”.

This will have a long term impact on people and in society.

Because the days of “transactional” businesses are over.

People are smart these days.

They crave for connection.

They want authenticity.

They want real leaders.

Not just some superficial authoritarians.

Even though we will be selling products / programs, ultimately our ability to build and nurture communities will be the X-FACTOR long-term.

This journey is revolutionising the education system. Period.

When there is a change the way people teach… it will automatically will change the way people learn.

And when this shifts, everything shifts!

The reason I flunked in my 12th grade is not because I was not capable!

It was because I was not in the right learning environment.

And the reason I scored 92% in my sound engineering course was because I was taught the subject in a very engaging and entertaining way which made sense. I was in the right learning environment.

And communities are learning environments.

We, the teachers have a much bigger responsibility than we can imagine.

It’s we, the teachers, who actually have the power to shape societies to move people in a positive direction.

And every day you delay or procrastinate, you are actually neglecting this bigger vision or creating an impact in this world with your knowledge.

1… 2… or 10 people cannot do this.

We need hundreds of digital teachers to be equipped with the mindset + skillset + tools to create this magic.

I’m writing this email with you, as a personal note to you to let you know that YOU ARE IMPORTANT in this world.

Your contribution is important.

So please do not let the excuses and the little voices in your mind overpower your bigger mission.

Freedom is a choice.

For many years you might have been doing things to please others – conformity.

It’s time to wake up.

When you start to operate from your core…

When you start to align your values with your work…

When you choose a niche which resonates with your soul…

It’s a state called “svabhava” in sanskrit.

The innate nature of an individual soul.

You can google this term and read about.

Once again, I’m glad you are in this community.

Let’s to this together.

Let’s meet at 7:30 PM IST today – Inner Circle Mastermind.

Confirm Spot

I will be playing some really cool music from 7:15 PM. 😉

If this message inspired you, I would love to read your reply.

I want to know your thoughts about the above message.

Where do you think you would like to make a difference in this world?

Please share your thoughts.

I would love to read them.

All the best,

P.S – Please attend all our weekly Thursday Inner Circle calls.

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