A call to chief justice of India!

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Former Indian Prime Minister Sentenced to Jail. By … Rao sat patiently as Barihoke delivered the judgment in the courtroom packed with media .

Indira Gandhi Arrested in India .In a statement issued before being taken into custody, the former prime minister asserted her “arrest is a political one. It is to prevent me from .

Indira Gandhi Arrested in India

By Lewis SimonsOctober 4, 1977

After months of hesitation, the Indian government moved without warning today and arrested former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and at least four members of her cabinet, charging them with corruption.

The 59 year-old Gandhi was taken into police custody for an appearance in court Tuesday after she refused to post bail. Gandhi demanded that she be taken away from her home in handcuffs but police agents refused her request.

In a statement issued before being taken into custody, the former prime minister asserted her “arrest is a political one. It is to prevent me from going before the people. It is an attempt to discredit me in their eyes and the eyes of the world.”

Today’s action came in the wake of a series of trips and political meetings Gandhi has held in various parts of India receiving enthusiatic turnouts wherever she’s gone.

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