What is your personality type? Take this 1 minute test to find out!

01/25The personality test

We are always interested in knowing how we come across to other people and getting a deeper insight with the help of personality tests is even more interesting.

People behave, react and think differently in different circumstances. This is where a personality test comes in handy, to segregate different types of personalities and put them under different umbrellas to mark their distinctions.

02/25Myers-Briggs personality test

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator was developed by the mother-daughter duo, Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, in the 1940s. This system is actually based on the theory of psychological types by a Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung.

This test has become incredibly popular around the world since it helps people determine their personality type.

So, even though your personality type may not be exactly in sync with how you react to various situations in real life–because your actual personality is shaped by your own belief system, values and decisions– it is still interesting to gain an insight about the factors that impact your personality.READMORE

03/25Why should you take the test?

According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, this personality tool will help you in the following ways:

1. Making decisions

2. Taking in information

3. Directing and receiving energy

4. Approaching the outside world

04/25​How to take the Myers-Briggs personality test?

Check both the options mentioned for every question and pick the one that resonates the most with you.

05/25​1. Introverted or Extroverted

Introverted (I): While you have some very close friends, socialising is just not your cup of tea. Meeting people on a regular basis exhausts you, hence, you are always looking for some time alone or “me time” to rejuvenate yourself. Simply put, socialising drains your battery.

Extroverted (E): In complete contrast with the introverted personality type, you actually thrive when people are around you. Being alone sucks the energy out of you, as you love gatherings, parties and hanging out with people. You are usually always in for any plans and a pro at making strangers feel comfortable in your presence.

06/252. Intuitive or Sensing

Intuitive (I): You strongly rely on your gut feeling and create ideas out of thin air. You pay close attention to your dreams and give them wings. Being a deep thinker, you are vividly aware of your own feelings and of those around you. Being intuitive in nature, you are incredibly empathetic, hence, you are able to sense how others are feeling.

Sensing (S): You don’t like to believe in unrealistic thoughts and like to know where you belong. You prefer focusing on the basic information that is provided to you. You need concrete facts and information to take any decision. You prefer hardcore facts because you are extremely pragmatic.

07/253. Thinking vs. Feeling

Thinking (T): People can rely on you to give the most objective outlook in any situation. You are most likely to weigh in the pros and cons of any situation in detail, before calling for any action. You are logical and are really task oriented.

Feeling (F): You like taking the opinion of people who are important to you, before taking any major decisions. More or less, your decisions are influenced by what you are feeling i.e. your heart, rather than cold, harsh facts. You are concerned about others and your actions convey the same.

08/25​4.Judging vs. Perceiving

Judging (J): You are a keen observer of life. You want everything in a planned and detailed order, no matter what the situation is. You like controlling your life, as much as possible, by planning way in advance. You also like making a list of things to be done, so as to avoid the hassles right before the deadline.

Perceiving (P): You like experimenting in your life and are open to multiple options for a single situation. You don’t function well with plans, hence you try to stay flexible and adaptive to new options and situations in life. You like seeing how things play out in your life.READMORE

09/25​The results

After you have selected all your answers, club the first letters of all your choices together, creating a personality type. For example, if you have chosen extroverted, sensing, thinking and perceiving, your Myers-Briggs personality type is ESTP.

Here is a short summary of all the 16 different types of personalities:

10/251. ​ISTJ

People with this personality type are quiet, serious and highly logical. They are really organized and love keeping everything in order. They love solving problems and are inclined towards a career which includes dealing with numbers. The options can include data analysts and accountants.

11/25​2. ISFJ

People with this personality time are warm and friendly. They like staying behind the scene to help others achieve their dreams. They are really responsible when it comes to their work. They are also extremely detail-oriented and always try to do the right thing. Thanks to their natural protective instinct they tend to do well in the health care sector.

12/25​3. INFJ

They are really reserved and intense people, who can quickly catch, with a single look, if something is off with the people they know. Adept at reading people like a book, INFJs can make people at ease and open up to them with their struggles.

13/25​4. ISTP

You are in love with your independence and believe in giving space in all your relationships. You have a few close friends and avoid people who bring negativity and drama in your life. Still, you are quite flexible in nature and tolerant as well. You like being in the moment instead of worrying about the future.

14/25​5. ISFP

You are a really sensitive person with an extremely kind heart. You have an artistic soul, which means you may really love painting, poetry writing or reading or even dancing. You are loyal to your values and really value your relationships.

15/25​6. INFP

You are a sucker for romance and everything mushy and always want to see the good in other’s heart. You are an absolute idealist, who is really welcoming to everyone around them. Your presence is really warm and you have a knack of following your heart. Even though you are flexible by nature, you are also someone who has a fixed set of ideals and beliefs.

16/25​7. INTP

You tend to seek answers to all the ‘’whys’ in the world and desire a logical explanation for the same. You love learning and are on a constant quest to increase your knowledge about the world. Although your analytical nature might also seem extremely critical at times.

17/25​8. ESTP

You are the risk taker of the lot, who loves focusing on the present. You enjoy making spontaneous plans, being the risk taker you are. Your theory is to enjoy every moment and are always on a look out for something which will give you thrill

18/25​9. ESFP

You love entertaining people and know how to amp up the energy in a room full of people. You are full of life and love having a good time. Simply, put you are in love with life and love living each and every moment to the fullest. You are extremely adaptive and have the rare ability to make yourself at home even in the newest environments.

19/25​​10. ENFP

ENFP personality type is people’s favourite. They are someone who will quickly make friends even when left in the company of complete strangers. They are extremely flexible and adaptive in nature and love to motivate those around them.

20/25​11. ENTP

These bright and charming lot of people are known to be really resourceful when it comes to solving their problems. You are a creative person, who is adept at reading other people. Although your personality type does fall in the extrovert category, you are the most introvert of the extrovert personality lot.

21/25​12. ESTJ

ESTJs are extremely practical people who like organizing projects and getting things done by people. These qualities make you a good leader, who knows how to inspire his team members and show enough compassion to achieve the target. More often than not, you know the most efficient way of quickly achieving your goals.

22/25​13. ESFJ

You are a walking heart, who is always the first one to take a step when it comes to helping others. You enjoy being the centre of attention but not in a negative way. Your communication and people skills are a class apart and you know how to make others feel loved and care for. You usually have a large social circle.

23/25​14. ENFJ

You are the charmer of the lot and people love loving you. An extremely emotional person, you are empathetic to the very core. You leave no opportunity to motivate others to achieve their dreams. Your positive approach towards constructive criticism makes you an excellent leader. You are extremely dedicated towards your goals, even though you maintain a care-free aura.

24/25​15. ENTJ

You were probably the monitor of your class during school or the captain of the sports team, or maybe both, given your need to excel no matter which field it is. You rely on logic when dealing with any issue in personal or professional life. You thrive on long term planning and enjoy setting goals. You also enjoy maintaining a work life balance and are quite well-read.

25/25​16. INTJ

INTJs are not only smart people but they also have a strong drive to achieve their set targets. They are downright passionate with issues pertaining them and their belief system. They execute any task given to them with absolute dedication.

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