A Beautiful Family of Hyderabad

A Beautiful Family of Hyderabad to whom I will say is a Richest Family! but they does not have The Wealth (Money) but has the Wealth of Education and They all Dare to Dream the Biggest! May Allah Make Their Dreams True !! Aameen Ya Allah !!!

اگر آپ اِتنےمفلِس ہو کہ خواب تک نہیں دیکھ سکتے! تو آپ دنیا میں کچھ بھی حاصِل نہں کر سکتے!! إس لِئے آپ خواب دیکھا کرو اورپھر اپنے خوابوں کی تکمیل کے لِئے دل و جان سے کوشش اور جِدوجہد کرتے رہو یہاں تک کہ اپنے خوابوں کی تکمیل کرلو

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An inspirational story of a brilliant Muslim family – Aamne Saamne

A Beautiful Family of Old City of Hyderabad. An Awesome Story!

Family is a Fort of Muslim Society. Let’s Make it More Strengthen and More Useful ! A mother and Father who has 8 Daughters and 4 Sons. ( 12 Children ) May Allah Protect them from any Evil and Make them Successful and Make Dreams Fulfilled by His Grace and Mercy and Reward the Best to all those who help them in fulfilling their dreams. Aameen ! Ya Allah !!!

  1. Mohammed Jameel Hussain, Father, Daily Wages Furniture Polishing Employee,
  2. Saba Fatima, Mother, Daily Wages and Home Made Services.
  4. Asifa Jabeen, B.Pharm, 3RD YEAR. Target M.Pharm
  5. Hafiza and Aalima Adeeba Jabeen. Jamia Riyazul Banaat, target Muftia
  6. Asiya Jabeen doing Degree and simultaneously preparing for CA Chartered Accountant.
  7. Arshiya Jabeen, preparing to do BBA and then MBA.
  8. Mohammed Mozammil. SSC completed and preparing to do admin in ITI AND TARGET IS TO DO SOFTWARE ENGINEERING.
  9. Shazia Jabeen, Student of SSC and target is to become Lawyer.
  10. Ayan Jabeen 4th grade and target is to become a Pilot.
  11. Ayana Jabeen 3rd grade and target is to become an Engineer.
  12. Mujtaba Hussain 1st grade and target is to become an Advocate.
  13. Mairaj Hussain
  14. Another son small

FaizeAam Trust and Siasat Millat Fund, Hyderabad,

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