Day to Day Supplications

1st Kalima
2nd Kalima
3rd Kalima
4th Kalima
5th Kalima
6 Kalimas
6th Kalima
Don’t Talk to me About Muhammad
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Duaa before spousal relations
Duaa for At-Tashahhud (sitting in prayer)
Duaa for Istikharah (seeking Allah’s Counsel)
Duaa for sneezing
Duaa for the difficult tasks
Duaa for the Groom
Dua against the distractions of Satan during the prayer
Duaas after completing the prayer
Duaas after the final Tashahhud and before ending the prayer
Duaas before Sleeping
Duaas for all types of diseases
Duaas for a Safe pregnancy
Duaas for dressing and undressing
Duaas for Eating
Duaas for entering and leaving the home
Duaas for FASTING
Duaas for forgiveness of one’s Parents
Duaas for going to,entering and leaving the masjid
Duaas for Good Health
Duaas for Hajj
Duaas for Married Couples
Duaas for morning and evening
Duaas for one’s family & righteous Children
Duaas for prostrations due to recitation of the Quran
Duaas for Protection
Duaas for Protection from Accidents & Calamities
Duaas for protection from Jinn & Black Magic
Duaas for Protection from Satan
Duaas for Protection of the children
Duaas for Protection of the children
Duaas for Rain,Thunder and Wind
Duaas for rising from the Ruku
Duaas for seeking Forgiveness & Repentance
Duaas for sitting between two prostrations
Duaas for stress,worry and grief
Duaas for Students
Duaas for the beginning of the prayer
Duaas for the fulfillment of all the needs
Duaas for the Graves and Funerals
Duaas for the protection of your faith Duaas for the Ruku (bowing in prayer) Duaas for the Salat (namaaz) Duaas for the settling of a debt Duaas for the Sujood Duaas for travelling Duaas for visiting the sick Duaas for when you wake up Duaas for wudu (ablution) Duaas from Hadith Duaas from Surah Al-A’raaf & As-Saffaat Duaa’s from Surah Al-Baqarah Duaas from Surah Al-Furqaan & Al-Anbiya Duaas from Surah Al-Hashr & Mumtahinah Duaa’s from Surah Al-Imran Duaas from Surah Al-Kahf & Surah Ta-Ha Duaas from Surah Al-Mu`minun Duaas from Surah Al-Qasas & Ankabut Duaas from Surah An-Nisa & Al-Maidah Duaas from Surah Ash-Shuara & An-Naml Duaas from Surah Fatir & Ghafir & Az-Zukhruf Duaas from Surah Ibraahim & Surah Yusuf,Surah Hud Duaas from Surah Nuh & Surah Tahreem Duaas from Surah Yunus, Al-Isra & Al-Ahqaf Duaas from the Hadith Duaas from the Quran Duaas of the terminally ill Duaas to have CHILDREN Dua for a layover (stopping along the way) on the journey Dua for Anger Dua for Burn Patients Dua for drinking MILK Dua for entering a market Dua for entering and leaving the restroom Dua for entering a town or city Dua for Fever Dua for Kidney & Bile stones Dua for protection against diseases Dua for Protection against the torment of the grave Dua for Protection from Hell Dua for Protection from SHIRK Dua for Protection from the Nafs (for spiritual strength) Dua for Qunut in the Witr prayer Dua for returning from a journey Dua for riding in a vehicle, bicycle, plane Dua for Snake & Scorpion bites Dua for someone who does good to you Dua for someone who tells you I love you for the sake of Allah Dua for Sore EYES Dua for traveling mentioned in the Quran Dua for travelling
Duas for protection against your enemy
Dua to get Allah’s Love
Dua to get rid of pain in your body
Dua upon hearing the Adhan (call to prayer)
Dua when tragedy strikes
Dua when you fail at something
Dua when your vehicle begins to fail
Dua when you see the first dates of the season
Dua when you stir in the night
For protection against the fitnah of Women
For Protection from Dajjaal
How a Muslim should praise another Muslim
How to recite blessings on the Prophet after the Tashahhud
How to reply to a disbeliever if he says Salam to you
Ibn Al-Qayyim
Invocation against evil portent
Invocation for sighting the new moon
Invocation for someone who lends you money
Invocation for someone who offers you a share of his wealth
Invocation for someone you have spoken ill to
Islamic Quotations
Islamic Stories
Miscellaneous Duaas
Prayers from the Quran
Tasbeeh e Fatima
The Expiation of Assembly – Kaffaratul-Majlis
The groom’s invocation
The resident’s duaas for the traveler
The traveler’s dua at dawn
Traveler’s dua for the one he leaves behind
What a Muslim should say when he is praised
What to say if you see someone afflicted by misfortune
What to say immediately following the Witr prayer
What to say to foil the devil’s plots
What to say to the disbeliever if he sneezes
What to say when slaughtering or sacrificing an animal
What to say when you are surprised or startled
What to say when you fear you may afflict someone or something with the evil eye
What to say when you feel frightened
What to say while sitting in an assembly
when you see the first dates of the season

when you see the first dates of the season

 Invocation for when you see the first dates of the season
Allahumma baarik lanaa fee thamarinaa, wa baarik lanaa fee madeenatinaa wa baarik lanaa fee saa’inaa, wa baarik lanaa fee muddinaa.TranslationO Allah, bless us in our dates and bless us in our town, bless us in our Sa’ and in our Mudd.اللّهُـمَّ بارِكْ لَنا في ثَمَـرِنا، وَبارِكْ لَنا في مَدينَتِنـا، وَبارِكْ لَنا في صَاعِنـَا، وَبارِكْ لَنا فِي مُدِّناMuslim 2/1000 (Sa’ and Mudd are both dry measures used for agricultural produce by the Arabs in the Prophet’s time. Of the two, the So.’ was the larger measure.)

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