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Digital Literacy
NMSU adds new digital literacy class for Las Cruces campus students

Discover Digital Literacy

Developing Digital Literacy Skills - PDST-Technology in Education

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Frequently asked questions

Find additional information about course requirements, plans for course updates, and other information specific to completing the Digital Literacy course.Visit the FAQ page 

Creative Commons license

Microsoft Digital Literacy is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike License which means you may share and adapt this material for non-commercial use as long as you attribute it to Microsoft and license your adapted material under these same licensing terms.View the license 

Downloadable resources

Microsoft Digital Literacy offers resources, including SCORM packages, lesson guides, transcripts, videos, and closed caption files.Expand all | Collapse allArabic course resources | موارد الدورة التدريبية باللغة العربية

Bulgarian course resources | Ресурси за курсове на български

Chinese Simplified course resources | 简体中文课程资源

English course resources

English SCORM packages

Download the English Digital Literacy SCORM packages by course module.

French course resources | Détails sur les cours en français

German course resources | Kursressourcen Deutsch

Indonesian course resources | Referensi kursus bahasa Indonesia

Japanese course resources | 日本語コースのリソース

Portuguese (Brazil) course resources | Recursos do curso em português (Brasil)

Russian course resources | Материалы курса на русском

Spanish course resources | Recursos de los cursos en español

Vietnamese course resources | Tài nguyên khóa học tiếng Việt

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