Do You want to live a lifestyle of freedom?

Yes! Let’s get down to the numbers.

You want to live a lifestyle of freedom?

You need to love maths.

Yes I mean it!

Even though I failed in maths, I love business maths.

As much of ‘heart’ I give to my business, to that equal capacity I put my ‘head’ into it. And I’m in super love with numbers.

Let’s get down to business.

Let’s reverse engineer your path to freedom.

The Goal – Rs.300,000 per month.

Why 3 Lacs – Because it’s a good first milestone which can help you live a very comfortable life. All your life’s necessities can be taken care of with this amount and you can reinvest in your business growth.

The Strategy – Build 2 Levels Of Products

  • Level 1 – Rs.4999
  • Level 2 – Rs.9999

Anything less than Rs.4999, according to me is not a Level 1, it’s just an introductory layer. Don’t get confirtable selling low ticket products. It will give you a high as you see people buying, but you will not be able to scale.

To achieve 3 Lacs per month you need:

  • 40 sales per month @ Rs.4999 = Rs.200,000
  • 10 sales per month @ Rs.9999 = Rs.100,000

I always keep saying this… If you do not have a Level 2, you are wasting your time, money and energy in this business.

The Marketing – Conduct 4 Webinars Per Month

  • 4 Sales Webinars Per month
  • 10 Level 1 sales per webinar
  • 100 show-ups per webinar
  • 200 – 500 leads per week

You can do whatever WhatsApp class or 1-day workshop or any other strategy. But ultimately people will buy your product in a webinar. Even if it’s a WhatsApp model, they will need to attend a webinar on sales day.

There is no shortcut to this game. You have to build a super solid product and perfect my webinar selling formula.

The ROI – Aim at a 2-3x ROI on Level 1 Sales

  • Total Level 1 Sales (40) – Rs.200,000
  • Ad Spends to achieve this – 30% = Rs.60,000
  • Ideal Cost per Lead – Rs.50/lead
  • Total leads per month – 1200/month
  • Total leads per week – 300/week
  • 30% webinar show up rate – 100/webinar
  • Level 1 CPA = Rs.60000 / 40 Sales = Rs.1500

Even though I have projected this, you will still have to do your own organic marketing to spike up your webinar show ups. Just depending on ads will not do the job.

Tip – If you can acquire a Rs.4999 customer (L1) for Rs.1500, you can start winning this game!

So for every 1 rupee you put in, you need to take out 3 rupees in Level 1 sales. Let this be your benchmark. Even if you are not able to achieve that in the beginning it’s ok. Even if you are able to break even on ad + tool costs, great! You can always scale it up and tweak your funnel

The Profits – Aim at 3-4x per month profits

  • Ad spends – Rs.60,000
  • Tool spends – Rs.20,000 (just an estimate, keep it basic)
  • Total spends – Rs.80,000
  • Total revenues – Rs.300,000
  • Monthly Profit – Rs.220,000
  • GST: Total Revenue – Ad Spends + Tool Spends x 18%
  • Rs.300,000 – Rs.80,000 = 220,000 x 18% = Rs.39,600
  • Net Profit (after taxes) = Rs.220,000 – Rs.39,600 = Rs.180,400

The Money Management Formula

  • Tax (18% GST) – Rs.39,600
  • Wealth – 10% of net profit = Rs.18,040
  • Charity – 10% of net profit = Rs.18,040
  • General – 30% of net profit = Rs.54,120 (your household expenses)
  • Total Outflow (including taxes) = Rs.129,800
  • Balance = Rs.170,200

Feed this Rs.170,200 back into the business for month 2.

Keep your tool costs low and double on ad spends to Rs.120,000.

If you are able to achieve Rs.500,000 to 600,000 in month 2, awesome!

Then continue on the same trajectory.

The interesting thing is that when you are continuously investing on lead generation, your list will start to compound. People who did not attend your webinar that month, may come in the next month. A lot depends on how you nurture this list.

Did this open you eyes?

This is how I have scaled up my business from 3 lacs a month to hitting even one crore in a month. As of today it’s 3.5 crores IN and 16 crores OUT. I have simply followed this framework.

You have to love your numbers to win in this game.

People who are in my Diamond membership have a clearer idea of this journey. If you are still a Silver or Gold member, register for my next Diamond Showcase on March 28th @ 11 AM. I will be making the Diamond membership an annual subscription model from April 1st. So please attend this session to lock your spot in before the 31st of March.

Does this make sense to you?

Do you now realise the importance of both head and heart in this business?

You need to drive your business with your heart and your mission must always be on the forefront. But you must equally keep working out your math and numbers on a monthly basis to be on track in this business and to make it profitable.

If your passion for this business does not give you profits, it will turn into poison and you will lose the drive to take this forward. Money and profits is the scorecard in your business. Keep that in mind.

If you are someone who does not like these kind of numbers, you have to start loving it. 🙂 You do not have a choice.

This is the only business model where you can scale to this level.

Traditional businesses and franchisees take 2-3 years to even break even.

People who complain that there are so many costs on tools and ads don’t have this vision.

And the reason I’m writing this email to you is to make you aware that this is a “business”, not a “hobby”. If you treat this like a business, it will treat you back like a business. If you “work smart” for the next 90 days, I’m sure you will achieve this even more.

Every single step has been clearly defined in my courses.

All you have to do is “stop using your brains” 🙂 and “start applying the system.”

Nothing worthwhile was ever created overnight.

It requires effort and persistence.

I hope this email has inspired you to start or maybe even restart this journey.

Do not quit!

Because I am not quitting on you…. ever!

Reply to this email is this inspired you!

You ever well-wisher and friend,

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