Someone wise once said, how you react to circumstances shows what you’re made of. This book depicts vibrant testimonies of 15 ordinary people who took charge and turned their lives around through coaching. This is a history of champions who not only faced their fears and overcame traumas, abuse and insecurities but also decided to inspire the world around them using their journey to conquering their giants. This not your daily dose of motivational speeches, rather, a collection of real life stories that would help you to cut the crap and move towards a life where you become the master of your destiny!

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Hi all, Wishing you a Very Happy New Year ! Many congratulations to all my co-authors. So proud to be part of a team of amazing people. We all are sharing how we broke our barriers and comfort zones despite all adversities. This book will definitely give you confidence that you can do so much more in your life when you CUT THE CRAP in your head. So many possibilities will open up for you while you read this. Must watch for every individual who is stuck up and chooses to move forward . Wish you all a great success ahead.

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