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JumlytSrpro fgcl1S3e, mfnc2gnsdor0e1d9  · 40 BOOKS DOWNLOAD COMPLETE PACKAGE: English Language TEACHING/LEARNING Handbooks==================This package is exactly what the package title says: The package is a “COMPLETE PACKAGE” of HANDBOOKS for English language teaching and learning. The package contains 40 books covering the minimum essential areas of the English language.With respect to not just English but each and every language, for a language to be “LANGUAGE”, it must have not just a syntactically correct construction but, indeed, BOTH syntactically correct and NATURAL constructions. If an expressed language is not expressed through NATURAL expressions, virtually it is NOT that language at all. And, “NATURAL” expression means the language/speech constructions as PRACTICALLY used by the NATIVE SPEAKERS of that language.–– The contents of these 40 books TOGETHER offer the ENTIRE English language (except vocabulary) in term of syntactically correct and NATURAL language for the purpose of BOTH spoken and written English.The areas this package covers are:1. explanation of grammar theoretically,2. explanation of grammar based on use,3. idiom,4. phrasal verb,5. proverb,6. slang,7. word and phrasal expression in general, and8. punctuation.Yes, an English user does need to know all these if their objective is to know the English language in term of NATURAL English for both spoken and written purposes.To download the package from my electronic library, use the following link:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1rmk1529EDGJdpER5wv6hXj0meRgOtoQ9?usp=sharingHowever, you can also download individual book. And the individual download links are mentioned in the document attached to this post.

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