Arfeen KhanCoach To Fortune 5 Days Challenge

Arfeen KhanCoach To Fortune 5 Days Challenge + 1 Day Virtual Event

Apriuhld t1soS ancrtotc po8:nso0r3mlgie gPcmtdnM  · First up I want to get you started on the path to your dream of being paid very well to help others succeed.But these are certainly some interesting times we live in, right?There’s a lot of challenges to overcome if we’re to become a successful coach.Lockdowns, social distancing, all of our favorite cafes are closed – the usual meeting places of most coaches I know!The way most people look at it, there are too many obstacles to overcome to suddenly go off on some adventure or change of career.But something tells me… you’re not “most people”.Simple by joining this 5 Days Challenge, I know you’re a person who has a burning desire to become a coach. And help as many people as you possibly can.So my promise to you is this: In these 5 Days, I’m going to do everything in my power to bring you from where you are now, to achieving that goal of becoming a coach.Now we come to our first tip: How to overcome the biggest hurdle every coach faces.This is the key to becoming a financially free coach – if this part isn’t right, nothing else will work.So what is this ‘biggest hurdle’ I’m talking about?


Watch the video and tell me what you think is the biggest hurdle other than Mindset?

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