Impact Of Social Media On Business In India

Understanding The Impacts of Social Media [Pros and Cons]

Impact Of Social Media On Business In India

impact of social media on business

Impact Of Social Media On Business In India

Impact of Social Media on business in India
Let’s start with what is social media all about. It’s a platform where people are connected socially
through different mediums, moreover a kind of interaction between people where they create share
and exchange ideas.

Now coming back to our talking point, how social media has impacted business in India. To start with
let’s talk about marketing via social media. The efforts are made to create content to attract readers and
encourage them to share it via social networks. And when it spreads via (WOM) or Word of Mouth, as it
comes from a trusted source, thereby helping the product get marketed.

Social networking websites bring together people to interact with one another and build
relationships .When companies join these channels, consumers interact with them bringing in a more
personal touch due to their earlier interactions via social media. For example, BLOGS, allow individual
followers to tweet, retweet or repost comments made by the product being promoted .And because
the information is being shared out there, repeatedly, thereby bringing more traffic to the product or

Mobile Phone usage has also become beneficial for social media marketing. Cell phones or we can say
smartphones are capable of connecting to social media sites. Individuals using these receive updates
on any happenings about a product or company in real time. Thereby products and companies can
constantly remind on updations, changes in product etc. Whereby making advertisements always in
sight. Nowadays we see in one of the leading newspapers, QR codes are given with reference to any
news or product where in an individual can scan that code and get routed to the website or online
services of the company or the product respectively.

Some of the platforms used for marketing via social media consist of

1. Twitter

2. Facebook

3. Google +

4. Instagram

5. Blogs

6. LinkedIn

7. YouTube

Till now we were talking about marketing, now another important part to it is BRANDING. How do we
brand our product or services? What steps to be taken so that the product or service gets tagged as
First step would be to BE AUTHENTIC .One must be genuine and original in approach. What network
takes advantage of my advertisements and showcase on it? And where are my potential customers
spending time online.

Secondly, be relevant have a point of view and continuously monitor trendsetting changes in consumer
behavior. In order to maintain the originality and genuineness media strategies must be in response to
what customers or prospects want or need. A great example of this is how Oreo leveraged the blackout
during the Super Bowl. When they tweeted “You can still dunk in the dark,” they captured the moment
and sparked conversation nationwide. Now that is relevant. What’s more, their tweet translated into
real results with 15,811 retweets and an increase in 2,200 followers.

Thirdly, BE PERSISTENT , be smart on the frequency of messages .It should be appropriate to the needs
of those trying to reach as well as the channel used to reach them .This takes time and commitment .
And the payoff, trust leads to loyalty, which leads to increased engagement and spending .Ultimately,
it’s about quality not quantity.
And, finally be CONSISTENT .Use the same perspective and tone throughout all mediums.
Communication on social media should be consistent with your brand’s core values and the way you
build relationships with customers outside of the social marketplace.
These principles hold true for both brands and individuals in any industry.

In this 21st century, we live our lives in social media. Wherever we go be it on a vacation, or celebrating
an occasion be it birthday party, wedding ceremony, office outing or a get together, everything we post
or update on the social media, via which our friends and near and dear ones are also updated on the
happenings of one’s life. In this context an article also said there are 3.2 billion interactions on Facebook
and over half a billion tweets published every single day.

Customer acquisition is essentially the art of building and maintaining relationships to improve the
traditional customer acquisition and retention processes. It’s not restricted to social media, but social
media is certainly a good place to start. Apart from the traditional push marketing, pull marketing has
also become an integral part of the system. 70% of the people trust brand recommendations from
friends and family. People talk about different brands on social media, follow them or even like the
pages. And the cost of not being involved with social media is rising with every single day.
For Brand building, three most popular platforms names being Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Twitter
is one of the best social media platforms for engagement and community building. Facebook is the
platform your customers really, really want to see you on. They want customer service via Facebook
and they want you to be available to engage with them via Facebook. LinkedIn is very focused on B2B
connections and leads.

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