Radiance Views weekly is the only Muslim paper in India which has struck roots. The sapling planted 50 years ago has now grown into a banyan tree.

May be an image of 5 people and text that says 'Removing the prevailing misunderstanding about Islam and presenting its message in its true light and propagating its teachings Radiance viewsweekly Bangla www.radianceweekly.com Rad NOW IS www.RADIANCEweekly.i'

یارب ! دل مسلم کو وہ زندہ تمنا دے

جو قلب کو گرما دے، جو روح کو تڑپا دے

پھر وادئ فاراں کے ہر زرے کو چمکادے

پھر شوق تماشا دے، پھر ذوق تقاضا دے


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