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Modern Halal Hyderabadi Cuisine

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A. Tiffins, Sides and Snacks/Appetizers
B. Rotiyaan – Bread
C. Pasta
D. Dal – Lentils and Beans
E. Soups
F. Egg
G. Non-Vegetarian – Gosht ke Pakwaan

  1. Lal Gosht – Lamb/Beef/Mutton
  2. Murgh – Chicken
  3. Seafood

H. Vegetarian
I. Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Mixed
J. Paneer
K. Rice, One Dish Meals
L. Baking and Desserts
M. Chutneys, Sauces and Pickles/Achaar
N. Sherbat – Drinks
O. Salads
P. Jam & Jelly
Q. How to prepare and store essential home made products including a few pastes and masala powders

Note: You could send in your recipes to me too. If you are a Hyderabadi in origin, and your dishes are raved by your loved ones, feel free to share your Hyderabadi recipes and tips with me. I will be happy to hear from you.

A. Tiffins, Sides and Snacks/Appetizers

B. Rotiyaan – Bread

C. Pasta

D. Dal – Lentils and Beans

E. Soups

F. Egg

G. Non-Vegetarian – Gosht ke Pakwaan

(1) Lal Gosht – Lamb/Beef/Mutton

One Dish Meals – Biryanis, Pulao, Porridges

 Saalan – Dry or Gravy Curries

 Organ Meat Curries

 Muqtalif Kofte aur Kawab – Meatball Curries and Kabobs


(2) Murgh – Chicken

 One Dish Meals – BiryaniPulao, Porridge

 Saalan – Dry or Gravy Curries

 Muqtalif Kofte aur Kawab – Meatball Curries and Grilled or broiled meats on skewer/pan

 Organ Meat Curries

(3) Seafood

 Macchli – Fish

 Shrimps/Prawns – Jhinge

H. Vegetarian – Tarkariyaan

 One Dish Meals – BiryanisPulao, Porridges

 Saalan – – Dry or Gravy Curries


 Chutney (for more Chutneys, scroll down)

I. Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Mixed

 One Dish Meals – BiryanisPulao, Porridges

 Saalan – – Dry or Gravy Curries


J. Paneer

K. Lazzat-e-Basmati – Rice, One Dish Meals

L. Baking and Desserts

M. Chutneys/Sauces/Pickles – Achaar

N. Sherbat – Drinks

O. Salads

P. Jam and Jellies

Q. How to prepare and store a few essential home made products:


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