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Social Websites and Apps

These websites and apps will help you connect with others over the Internet: learn how to create and use social media accounts, find free email and messaging services, learn to share images and video, and meet new people safely using online dating.Search:

Ask.fmSocial NetworkingAnonymously ask virtually any question you want on this social network, or answer someone else’s query. The more you contribute, the more friends you’ll make!
BadooOnline DatingChoose whether to date, make friends with, or just chat with millions of verified users for free on Badoo, one of the most popular dating websites around.
eHarmonyOnline DatingGet a smooth dating experience with matches you’ll really click with right from the start thanks to eHarmony’s unique compatibility quiz and guided chat system.
FacebookSocial NetworkingConnect with friends and groups of people who share your interests to swap news stories and life happenings, organize real-world events, play games, and more.
FacetimeMessaging and ChatReach out to the Apple device users among your friends and family with this app exclusive to iOS devices that lets you make both voice and video calls.
FlickrVideo and Image SharingStore, organize, discuss, and share your favorite photos and videos for free. Or even pay Flickr to turn your photos into unique artistic creations to treasure!
FoursquareSocial NetworkingFind the best hotspots in any town with this website/app that recommends locations for you to visit based on the places you already like to hang out at.
GmailMessaging and ChatDo email differently with Google’s email service, which features unique organizing conventions, plenty of memory storage space, and cool experimental features.
GoodreadsSocial NetworkingCreate a virtual bookshelf and use it to organize and discuss your favorite books. You can even get suggestions on what to read next, and where to go to buy it.
Google VoiceMessaging and ChatSend and receive phone calls, voicemails, and text messages in one easy-to-organize place with this service that centralizes your phone numbers and activity.
HangoutsMessaging and ChatChat with anyone you know who has a Google account through text, phone, or video with this free app you can use on your desktop, mobile device, or web browser.
iMessageMessaging and ChatExpress yourself with family and friends who use Apple devices. Send and receive texts, pictures, videos, animations, and drawings – even with groups!
InstagramVideo and Image SharingJoin a community of visual enthusiasts in creating, editing, talking about, and sharing photos and short videos made using this completely free mobile app.
KikMessaging and ChatExpect more from your chat app. Kik not only lets you talk to your friends, but also lets you chat with automated programs to play games, get advice, and more!
Match.comOnline DatingJoin one of the world’s biggest dating sites with millions of active users to privately chat with. If you don’t find love in 6 months, the next 6 are free.
MeetupSocial NetworkingGet people together with this website that helps you arrange gatherings in your local area for forming sports teams, hobby groups, dating sessions, and more!
OkCupidOnline DatingMake dating playful and fun by asking and answering questions and polls regarding likes/dislikes, relationships, and more to get more and better matches.
PinterestVideo and Image SharingEnter a world of collages of visual wonders. Create your own collections of pictures, animations, or videos to share, or see what others are inspired to make.
RedditSocial NetworkingRead what the Internet is talking about on this social news network, where information is provided by, discussed, and voted on almost entirely by its users.
SkypeMessaging and ChatStay in touch with the people that matter to you over this program that lets you send and receive free phone calls, text messages, and even video chat sessions!
SnapchatMessaging and ChatKeep your interactions with friends spontaneous (and private) with this mobile messaging app that deletes texts, photos, and videos after they have been viewed.
StitchOnline DatingSearch for an older adult to meet as either a romantic companion or a friend to spend time with. It’s your choice on this secure and private dating website.
TinderOnline DatingSimplify your dating experience with this mobile app that allows you to accept or reject matches quickly, then get on with chatting to those who like you back.
TumblrSocial NetworkingKeep an online journal full of thoughts, pictures, videos, sounds, or anything else. Follow the entries of people you like, or keep your journal private.
TwitterSocial NetworkingSee what all the chatter in the world is about on this popular social network that encourages frequent posting by limiting messages to 140 characters or less.
Vine CameraVideo and Image SharingReplay the special moments in your life over and over again with this mobile application that allows you to record, edit, and share looping 6-second videos.
WeChatMessaging and ChatGet up-to-date with friends, family, and the world at large. Message people you know by text, phone, or video; or share goings-on on WeChat’s social network.
WhatsappMessaging and ChatSave money on phone or texting plans with this free messaging app that lets you exchange texts, phone calls, voicemails, and more with other WhatsApp users!
YouTubeVideo and Image SharingBroadcast yourself with this website that allows you to watch and comment on professional and amateur videos, or even upload your own, mostly for free.
ZooskOnline DatingPlay with Zoosk’s various game-like matching systems to have it learn your dating style and get you better matches. Then send them messages or virtual gifts!

Shopping Online

These sites and apps can help you do daily shopping online, find discounts and coupons, book vacations, get great deals on flights and hotels, and more!Search:

AirbnbVacation RentalsReserve a place to sleep that’s out of the ordinary with this property rental website, or make money by renting out your own property for others to stay in!
AlibabaCoupon and DiscountTrade in bulk orders of wholesale goods on this e-commerce portal, either as a buyer for your own business (or yourself) or as a supplier for other companies.
AliExpressCoupon and DiscountGo directly to the sources with this online marketplace that lets you buy products straight from manufacturers in China at discounted wholesale prices.
AmazonBuying and SellingFind and buy almost anything on this popular e-commerce website, either from Amazon itself or others like you. You can even trade in stuff you don’t want!
Buying and SellingUpgrade your Amazon shopping with this add-on service that gets you cheaper and faster shipping, access to movies, TV, and music; and exclusive deals.
Buying and SellingGet the best in consumer electronics from this online version of the popular retail chain, or call their “Geek Squad” if you’re having trouble with your tech.
on eBay
Buying and SellingPurchase almost anything from this online marketplace by buying it, bidding for it in auctions, or submitting price offers. Then have it delivered to your door.
CraigslistCoupon and DiscountAdvertise the new old-fashioned way with this online classified ad network that makes it easy and (usually) free to list something for sale in your local area.
EbatesCoupon and DiscountGet paid for shopping online with this affiliate advertising service that gives you money back when you use it to buy things on popular e-commerce websites.
EtsyBuying and SellingDiscover unique, handmade crafts and decades-old collectibles for sale – some that you can’t find anywhere else – on this specialty online shopping portal.
ExpediaFlights and HotelsBook travel accommodations online for wherever you need to go and do. Reserve flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, or even entire vacation packages!
GrouponCoupon and DiscountSave big on goods and services by buying discounted vouchers for them on this website. If enough other people want the same deal, you all get a break!
HomeAwayVacation RentalsSave money on a home away from home on this website that has over 1 million rental property listings, two way host/guest ratings, and traveler’s guarantees.
KayakFlights and HotelsTrack the prices of travel accommodations across multiple booking websites to see what destinations are popular or not, and where you can score the best deals.
PaypalBuying and SellingManage your money online with this service that lets you securely and privately pay for goods and services while keeping your billing details all in one place.
PricelineFlights and Hotels“Name Your Own Price” and bid for travel accommodations that fit your budget. Or, you can book amenities normally if you want more control over your experience.
on eBay
Buying and SellingSell off things you make, source, or don’t need anymore. Set up a store, list your products, then decide if people will buy, bid for, or haggle over your wares.
Vacation RentalsInquire about buying or renting a timeshare property from this online resale market, or hire their team to advertise your own timeshare for sale or rent.
StubHubBuying and SellingScore tickets to concerts, plays, sports matches, and more from fans who can’t make it to live events. Or, if you can’t make it yourself, sell your own tickets!
TripAdvisorFlights and HotelsResearch information and reviews on travel accommodations around the world before you book them. You can also reserve them here if you find some you like.
Tripping.comVacation RentalsFind the best deal on booking a rental property for your vacation by comparing prices between listings on multiple rental property booking websites at once.
VRBOVacation RentalsGet a great deal on a rental property to stay at for your getaway. VRBO features over 800,000 rental properties from over 100 vacation hotspots worldwide.

Online Entertainment

You’ll never be bored again when you learn about all the great services out there for streaming TV and movies, listening to music, playing games, and keeping up with the news of the day.Search:

AudibleMusic and AudiobooksEnjoy your favorite books anytime, anywhere by buying and downloading them as audiobooks to listen to from this online audiobook marketplace by Amazon.
BBC iPlayerMusic and AudiobooksHear what’s happening in the United Kingdom with this website that lets you listen to live British radio and download British radio podcasts for free!
BuzzfeedFun and GamesFeed your pop culture craving with this news website that features trending topics and stories, humorous “top 10” lists, fun personality quizzes, and more.
Candy Crush SagaFun and GamesSwap candies to match 3 or more of a kind, and use special pieces to clear obstacles in this mobile game that’s simple to learn but difficult to truly master.
CNNNews and InformationStay up-to-date on the latest breaking news from around the world with in-depth articles, as well as live broadcasts and recorded news programs from CNN.
ESPNNews and InformationGet the latest stats, stories, analysis, and match broadcasts from the wide world of sports. Or test your sports IQ in fantasy games for a chance to win prizes!
Funny or DieFun and GamesView funny skits, pictures, and essays from Will Ferrell and his celebrity guests. Then vote on what content stays on the website and what gets taken down.
News and InformationCreate and manage portfolios of stocks and bonds, search for company market performance, and view business news and trends with interactive graphs and charts.
GRAND MagazineNews and InformationLearn how to be a better grandparent with this digital magazine full of advice for older adults on family dynamics, health and fitness, finances, and more.
HBO NowTV and MoviesKeep up with the best movies and TV programming the HBO network has to offer – even if you don’t subscribe to HBO’s TV channel – for a small monthly fee.
HooplaMusic and AudiobooksBring your local library to your web browser with this digital media lending portal that lets you take out e-books, audiobooks, movies, music, and more.
HuffpostNews and InformationRead viewpoints on the environment, minorities, social dynamics, and other topics that don’t always make the headlines, in addition to today’s top stories.
HuluTV and MoviesWatch the best in American television and movies on any device for a flat monthly cost. Hulu even lets you queue up programs so you can watch them later!
IMDBTV and MoviesGet all the behind-the-scenes information you need about the who, what, when, where, and why of your favorite movies, television shows, and video games.
NetflixTV and MoviesIndulge in unlimited, commercial-free movies and TV shows wherever and whenever for a small monthly fee. Or upgrade to watch on multiple devices at once!
The OnionFun and GamesLook at the news in a hilarious new way with this comedy website that pokes fun at the biggest headlines from around the world and the news industry in general.
OverdriveMusic and AudiobooksBorrow e-books, audiobooks, movies, music, and more from this online repository for free, and all you need to access it is a library card or school ID!
PandoraMusic and AudiobooksExplore the boundaries of your musical tastes by having Pandora play you a custom music mix based on the songs, artists, and genres that you already love.
Pokemon GoFun and GamesScour your surroundings for virtual monsters to capture, train, and battle in this mobile game that takes your location in the real world into account.
SeniorPlanetNews and InformationJoin New York City seniors in reading about issues affecting older adults, learning tricks for the latest technology, and getting together for events.
SoundCloudMusic and AudiobooksGet way into your favorite independent (and sometimes mainstream) music on this website. Play it, comment on it, share it, and sometimes even download it.
SpotifyMusic and AudiobooksDiscover a world of music at your fingertips with this program that lets you listen to over 30 million songs. Create custom playlists and random mixes, too!
StumbleUponFun and GamesWander the Internet in style with this website that lets you semi-randomly discover new content and friends based on the things that you already like.
UpworthyNews and InformationInspire yourself with empowering and motivational news stories from around the world, then share the positivity with your friends and family on social media.
WSJNews and InformationGain insights into the corporate world with business statistics and financial device, as well as leading news stories, from this specialized newspaper.
WundergroundNews and InformationView in-depth forecasts, interactive maps, and news from a community of weather experts and enthusiasts to know everything you need to about the day’s weather.

Useful Websites and Apps

These websites are useful in your daily life, from helping you research great services, to jump starting your business, to increasing productivity, or even learn new things using online tools.Search:

AncestryResearch ToolsCreate and share family trees, piecing them together from evidence from over 14 billion historical documents, as you explore your heritage on this website.
AngiResearch ToolsKnow who to call when you need something done by reading business reviews on Angi. The website also lets you hire companies, sometimes at a discount.
Care.comMore Helpful AppsHire the perfect housekeeper or caregiver for your loved ones. Post job ads, then review applicants with interviews, reference checks, and background checks.
CourseraOnline LearningStudy at college – without actually going to college – in this online education portal by taking over 1500 courses from top academic institutions worldwide.
DropboxMore Helpful AppsKeep your computer files safe but accessible by backing them up to a separate computer server that you can reach from your desktop. You can even share files!
DuckDuckGoResearch ToolsProtect your privacy when searching on the Internet by using DuckDuckGo to find websites, images, videos, and more without revealing your digital footprints.
EventbriteBusiness and ProductivityHost live events with ease by managing ticket sales, invites, advertising, guest lists, and more. You can also use Eventbrite to join someone else’s live event.
EvernoteMore Helpful AppsUse notes, to-do lists, voice clips, photos, and more to recall whatever you need to remember – any way you need to remind yourself – across all your devices.
More Helpful AppsStore your computer files on an Internet-based hard drive for free. This keeps them safe and lets you share them, all while freeing up your computer’s memory.
More Helpful AppsFind and view information about pretty much any place on Earth, including transit directions between places. Know where you are and where you’re going.
Research ToolsSearch for websites, pictures, videos, news, or whatever else you’re looking for on the Internet with one of the most popular search engines on the planet.
LifehackerOnline LearningMake life easier for yourself by learning inventive solutions and strategies to solve various everyday problems, from preparing dinner to managing finances.
LinkedInBusiness and ProductivityShow off your job credentials, apply or hire for a position, or read what’s going on in the corporate world with this business-oriented social network.
LyftMore Helpful AppsGet a safe and affordable ride wherever you are and wherever you need to go in the US with Lyft. It’s cheaper, quicker, and safer than hailing a standard taxi!
Lynda.comOnline LearningGet what you need to succeed in the workplace with this website, which has video-guided lessons on personal and technological skills employers are looking for.
KickstarterBusiness and ProductivityMake your big idea a reality by fundraising money towards building a creative product, or donate to other projects to get rewards and help wishes come true.
QuoraOnline LearningFind answers to various questions on this community-based shared knowledge portal. You can also answer someone else’s question, or ask a question yourself.
TechBoomersOnline LearningIntroduce yourself to how our website works so it will be easier for you to navigate all of our informative and easy-to-read lessons on digital technology!
TED.comOnline LearningExpand your mind with’se and easy-to-understand essays and video lectures on education, leadership, society, computers, medicine, and more.
UdemyOnline LearningLearn almost anything from over 40,000 courses taught by subject experts. If you know enough about a certain topic, you can even teach your own course!
UberMore Helpful AppsRequest to get picked up and dropped of wherever you want by an independent taxi. Uber is available in over 650 major cities and towns around the world.
WebMDResearch ToolsCheck this website for medical information, such as a doctor or hospital’s location, common drug side effects, or what ails you based on your symptoms.
WeeblyBusiness and ProductivityConstruct a feature-rich website with simple drag-and-drop controls, guided formatting, and hundreds of apps that can make it do whatever you need it to.
WikipediaResearch ToolsLook up information about pretty much anything on this free online encyclopedia that is created and edited almost entirely by the people who use it every day.
WixBusiness and ProductivityBuild a website for free and make it exactly how you want it, with drag-and-drop functions that allow you to customize its elements down to the finest detail.
WunderlistMore Helpful AppsCreate custom task lists that can include due dates, sub-tasks, comments, uploaded files, and more! Manage everything you or your work group need to do.
YelpResearch ToolsGet to know the local stores in any neigborhood, and see what patrons are saying about them, in this business directory that doubles as a social network.

Technology Basics

If you’re new to the tech world, these tutorials can help you learn things at a more basic level. Learn how the Internet works and how to keep yourself safe, in addition to new ways to increase your digital literacy, including learning to use your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.Search:

Android Calling
and Voicemail
AndroidMake and get calls, forward or block calls, make group calls, and set up and check voicemail. We’ll help you master your Android phone’s basic call functions.
Intro to
the Internet
Internet 101Learn how the Internet and World Wide Web work, including where they came from, what technologies and systems drive them, and what you can do with them!
iPhone Calling
and Voicemail
iPhone and iPadGet the basics of your iPhone’s call functions down: making and receiving calls, forwarding calls, blocking numbers, and setting up and checking voicemail.
iPhone and iPadSend text messages to one person or a group; search for, forward, and delete texts; and block unwanted texters as you become a pro at texting on an iPhone.
PasswordsInternet 101Keep your online accounts secure by learning how to create strong passwords for them, reset weak or forgotten passwords, and manage your passwords efficiently.
PrivacyInternet 101Protect your privacy online. Learn how and why your Internet activity can be tracked, as well as some methods for hiding your personal information online.
SafetyInternet 101Stay safe on the Internet with some online security basics, like how to use antivirus software, avoid email scams, and safely use different types of websites.
Wi-FiInternet 101Get wise about Wi-Fi by learning how it works and how to use it to connect to the Internet, as well as how to set your own network up and change its password.

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