Parliamentary Panel on Home Affairs Likely to Discuss ‘Tek Fog’ Issue at Next Meeting

The NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware adds new layers and unique capabilities to a highly sophisticated and booming surveillance software industry to overcome modern challenges posed by encryption, masking and frequent SIM card replacement.

In this regard, the Pegasus marketing brochure, made public as part of WhatsApp’s filings in a US court case against the Israeli company, provides an insight into the spyware’s tech stack, architecture, and features.

Though this marketing brochure is likely outdated, and thus does not represent the leaps that have likely been taken over the last few years, it still provides an important glimpse into the different layers of data collection, transmission, presentation and analysis built into the spyware.

Dissecting Pegasus: Understanding different layers of the spyware

Common public awareness about Pegasus is limited to it being a zero-click data collection tool that harvests user data from the device like SMS, contacts, calendar, location, WhatsApp chats, browsing history, photos and videos while also triggering actions in the background like recording calls, activating camera and microphone

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