Wondering what Hindu Rashtra would look like? Watch this | Another Election Show

Manisha and Meghnad interview one of the speakers and attendees of the infamous #Haridwar #DharamSansad, Anand Swaroop. The Dharam Sansad in Uttarakhand had come under the scanner for open hate speech against Muslims. The participants in the gathering had demanded a Hindu Rashtra. Manisha and Meghnad question Swaroop on his idea of a Hindu Rashtra, anti-Muslim speech at the Dharam Sansad and the politics behind the Hindutva gathering. The big question they set out to answer is if the Dharam Sansad and things said in it had any larger resonance with the people of Haridwar. What do those in Haridwar and around the ashram where the sansad was held think about hate speech against Muslims? What are the real election issues and do they have anything to do with the things said at the Dharam Sansad? Bonus: Anand Swaroop explains how the powerful army of Hindu Rastra will annihilate Afghanistan with weapons powered by mantras. Find out.

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