Corona Virus : China और USA के बीच एक लड़ाई पर्दे के पीछे लड़ी जा रही है!

Questions from the Ruling Class while the nation is about to enter phase 3 of Epidemic

Trying to kill, Corona or humans?

Covid-19 positive Confirmed cases are rising in india

The government on Sunday asked states to ensure the 21-day lockdown, asking them to help curb the exodus of migrant workers from cities, as the overall number of COVID-19 positive people crossed the 1,000-mark. 
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who declared a 21-day lockdown last week, warned against violation of the restrictions, saying those doing so were “playing with their own lives”. 
He also apologized for the lockdown decision inconveniencing the poor, but made it clear that it was the need of the hour.

Since 3 months Corona virus spread all over the world

भारत में कोविड-19 के कम्युनिटी ट्रांसमिशन की स्थिति अभी नहीं : स्वास्थ्य

While giving information on the condition of corona in the country, the Health Ministry said on Monday that in the last 24 hours, 92 new cases of infection of Kovid-19 and four cases of death from this disease were reported. Joint Secretary in the ministry Luv Agarwal said that we all have to keep distance from social gathering, negligence of one person can also increase the outbreak of Corona virus epidemic. So far, 38,442 samples have been tested for Kovid-19, of which 3,501 cases were examined on Sunday. Technically, Kovid-19 in India is currently at the stage of local infection, not yet the status of community transmission.

Trump says keeping US Covid-19 deaths to 100,000 would be a ‘very good job’

How many persons covid-19 tests done in India?

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Stay at Home Be Safe

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