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अभिसार शर्मा ने मोदी भक्त अर्णब गोस्वामी और सुधीर चौधरी की वाट लगा दी

Indian Education System

In this video IES Sagar Dodeja exposes the Biggest Scandal in the Education system in India. He tells about the fraud, unaccountability and mismanagement in the Education system illustrating systematic evidences and case references. The mainstream media is very silent on this issue. He also speaks about the unemployability of youth in today’s system and he provides systematic and productive solutions for the win win situation as a whole in the country’s education system. Recently apple cofounder Steve Woznaik also commented on The Indian education system/ 1. Education System In India 2. Education Scenario in India 3. how to choose your career 4. Know how to select your career 5. Know how to identify your career 6.Know which college to join 7.Know the scope of Education system in India 8. Know which is the best curriculum 9. Know about the best universities 10. Know about the best curriculum 11. Know how to choose your MBA course 12. Know how to prepare for MBA 13. Know about campus placements 14. Know about student loan 15. Know more about Education Fraud 16 Know more about Education Corruption 17. Know more about Corporate Placement 18. Know about Corporate campus 19. Know more about College Campus 20. Know more about which college to join 21. Know about hiring system 22. Know more about coaching institute 23. How to choose the best coaching Institute 24. How to select the best tutor 25. How to choose the best coaching class.

In this video, I talk about important aspect of indian education system, which is the No Detention Policy (NDP). I will tell you why the no detention policy implemented in 2009 helped improve india’s education system. And how our present government wants to remove this NDP.

Dr.Arushi on Kerala floods

"धरती को समतल करना पड़ेगा ..!!, बाबरी मस्जिद की शहादत से एक दिन पहले अटल जी ने दिया बयान"!!Arshiपूरा वीडियो देखने के लिए क्लिक करेंअगर वीडियो पसंद आये तो सब्सक्राइब करें

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The Constitution Of India In Urdu

The Constitution Of India In Urdu

Aain e Hind Ke Mazaameen Ki Fehrist
Contents of the Constitution of India (Urdu)
Aain e Hind Ke Mauzuhaat


Preamble to the Constitution of India (Urdu)

Part: I

The Union And Its Territory (Articles 1-4) in India (Urdu)
Part: II

Citizenship (Articles 5-11) in India (Urdu)

Part: III

Fundamental Rights (Articles 12-13) in India (Urdu)

Fundamental Rights (Articles 14-18) in India (Urdu)

Fundamental Rights (Articles 19-22) in India (Urdu)

Fundamental Rights (Articles 23-24) in India (Urdu)

Fundamental Rights (Articles 25-28) in India (Urdu)

Fundamental Rights (Articles 29-31) in India (Urdu)

Fundamental Rights (Articles 31A-31D) in India (Urdu)
Fundamental Rights (Articles 32-35) in India (Urdu)

Part: IV

Directive Principles Of State Policy (Articles 36-51) in India (Urdu)
Part: IVA

Fundamental Duties (Article 51A) in India (Urdu)

Part: V

The Union (Articles 52-62) of India (Urdu)
The Union (Articles 63-73) of India (Urdu)
The Union (Articles 74-75) of India (Urdu)
The Union (Article 76) of India (Urdu)
The Union (Articles 77-78) of India (Urdu)
The Union (Articles 79-88) of India (Urdu)
The Union (Articles 89-98) of India (Urdu)
The Union (Articles 99-100) of India (Urdu)
The Union (Articles 101-104) of India (Urdu)
The Union (Articles 105-106) of India (Urdu)
The Union (Articles 107-111) of India (Urdu)
The Union (Articles 112-117) of India (Urdu)
The Union (Articles 118-122) of India (Urdu)
The Union (Article 123) of India (Urdu)
The Union (Articles 124-135) of India (Urdu)
The Union (Articles 136-147) of India (Urdu)
The Union (Article 148-151) of India (Urdu)

Part: VI

The States (Article 152) of India (Urdu)
The States (Articles 153-162) of India (Urdu)
The States (Articles 163-164) of India (Urdu)
The States (Article 165) of India (Urdu)
The States (Articles 166-167) of India (Urdu)
The States (Articles 168-177) of India (Urdu)
The States (Articles 178-187) of India (Urdu)
The States (Articles 188-189) of India (Urdu)
The States (Articles 190-193) of India (Urdu)
The States (Articles 194-195) of India (Urdu)
The States (Articles 196-201) of India (Urdu)
The States (Articles 202-207) of India (Urdu)
The States (Articles 208-212) of India (Urdu)
The States (Article 213) of India (Urdu)
The States (Articles 214-223) of India (Urdu)
The States (Articles 224-237) of India (Urdu)

Part: XVII

Official Language (Articles 343-344) in India (Urdu)
Official Language (Articles 345-347) in India (Urdu)

Official Language (Articles 348-349) in India (Urdu)
Official Language (Articles 350-351) in India (Urdu)

Part: XX

Amendment of the Constitution (Article 368) of India (Urdu)

Part: XXII

Short Title, Commencement, Authoritative Text in Hindi & Repeals of Constitution (Articles 393-395) of India (Urdu)


First Schedule to the Constitution of India (Urdu)
Second Schedule to the Constitution of India (Urdu)
Third Schedule to the Constitution of India (Urdu)
Fourth Schedule to the Constitution of India (Urdu)

Eighth Schedule to the Constitution of India (Urdu)
Tenth Schedule to the Constitution of India (Urdu)

English To Urdu Word Glossary For Constitution Of India
Urdu To English Word Glossary For Constitution Of India

The govt is suppressing the voices of the public

The govt is suppressing the voices of the public. They are a fool to do that. One fine day the volcano will erupt and throw this govt miles away.

क्या भारत के मीडिया हाउस बिकाऊ हैं?

क्या भारत के मीडिया हाउस बिकाऊ हैं?

Jan Gan Man Ki Baat, Episode 249: Cobrapost Sting and Vinod Dua’s Letter to PM Modi


Dealing with Objections

4 Steps to Improve Your Public Speaking