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اقوام متحدہ کی مستقل ریاست

اقوام متحدہ کی بنا کی ممالک کا اتحاد ہیں ؛ اسکے اپنے مقاصد ہیں. لیکن دار حقیقت ام اپنے طے شدہ  مقاصد حاصل نہیں کر سکتا. جب تک کے اسکے پاس خود کی اپنی زمیں نا ہوں. ایک علاقہ جسے مستقل طور پر ام کے حوالے کر دیا جائے. جس پر محض ام کا ہی اختیار ہوں . جسے کے بنایا جا سکے ہماری دنیا کا دار الحکومت. وقت اور حالات اسکے لئے معقول ہیں، کے ہم دنیا کی عوام، ہمارے لئے ایک دار الحکومت قایم کرے اقوام متحدہ کے ذرے.

How to drive safe?

1. Driving at a Speed = 160KM per Hour – *Firstly you should have your Seat Belt strapped on.*

2. _Distance covered in 1 second will be 45 metres_

3. _A small deviation of 3° degrees in the steering, will make the car deviate to 20 metres from the straight line which has a huge potential of hitting the divider or out of the road. Hence *wheel alignment must be taken care of when heading for a highway travel*. It is very important for those high speeding vehicles_.

4. _Also *avoid driving with a single hand* when speeds are more than 120Kmph_.

5. _*Don’t do multi tasking* like drinking, talking on the mobile, smoking etc while driving at high speeds_.

6. _*Don’t play loud music/sounds* at high speeds which can make you deaf to the sounds and honks of other vehicles. Also loud noise tires you very soon_.

7. _Always *watch your rear view mirror every 5-10 secs*. Watch and check the mirrors while over taking_.

8. _While over taking other vehicles, calculate the relative speed of the vehicle which you are over taking and accordingly, accelerate your speed to over take. In case you find the other vehicle speeding up more than anticipated, *immediately you should slow down* but don’t rage into that situation_.

9. _After you over take the other vehicle, immediately, give away the signal indicators in which way you are driving – left or right side of the road_.

10. _Never over take any vehicle even a motor bike at the turnings. The banking angle of Indian highways are designed only for 60 – 80 Kmph but not for higher speeds. On high speeds we shall not be able to control the vehicle in the turnings. In case if you are driving on a single road then its even more dangerous as we can’t see the opposite side vehicle. *So never overtake in turnings*_.

11. _*Dont pump your brakes continously to apply sudden brakes*. Just apply hard, on the brakes. In case you apply hard, tyres will skid and it finally stops the vehicle, keep both hands stiff on the steering. In case if you pump brakes multiple times the vehicle moves in the gap while releasing and applying brakes. So vehicle may not stop immediately. In case the vehicle loses its grip on the road and starts to skid on the road in the same direction, then turn the steering to safe the side so that your vehicle moves in the same direction of motion and out of line for other vehicles to pass by.

12. _Always *keep the windscreen, head lights clean and neat for good visibility of the road*. Use High Beam often while travelling at high speeds in the nights_.

13. _*Never drive, not even for a single second, while you are drowsy or sleepy*. Pull the vehicle aside immediately and take enough rest before you start afresh. Be it during the day time or nights_.

14. _If you find any animal or people crossing the road then try to *cross them from their rear side* so that you can avoid a clash_.

15. _Please *don’t confuse other drivers* on the road by travelling at high speeds without giving proper signals. Communicate decently with other vehicle drivers which is very important for smooth driving_.

16. _Most importantly don’t get raged or irritated by other drivers. *Stay calm and be patient on the road*, we are driving but *not racing*_.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee cremated in New Delhi

WATCH | The life and times of Atal Bihari Vajpayee


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