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Forum posting could still be a good source of income, although it’s not as stable as it sounds. It’s not only easy and practical, but it’s also fun! If you don’t know when, where or how to get started, you don’t need to go to a Make Money forum or some sort. We’ll give you tips right here, right now. Read on to know more about earning money through forum posting.

Find the Right Sites

There are lots of forum platforms where you can post forums and earn some cash. Here are some examples:

  • Post Loop

This is a great website, and your success rate here is high! The payment method is PayPal, so it’s very convenient.

  • FushionCash

Forum posting is not their primary focus, but they support opportunities for earning money online. They even offer to pay $3 per month just for posting in their forum. That’s already $36 per year!

  • Professional Forum Posters

This website filters their forum posters, so you should be ready to take some tests before getting hired. Nevertheless, they pay .25 cents per post. While it sounds very little, the rate goes per post, so your earning opportunities are unlimited so long as you don’t get tired or get bored.

  • Kickstart Your Forums

You may not earn a lot on this platform, but they’re legit and guarantee to pay on time.

  • Paid Forum Posting

If you get lucky, you can get to work with big-time clients who pay big-time rates. Make sure to build a good reputation to be an attractive candidate.

  • Extra Dime

On this platform, posters are paid for finding deals for people to check out. The job may not be mainly about forum posting.

  • We Love Forums24

If you register on this make money forum website, make sure that you read all the guidelines and standards as they’re very particular with their set rules. Rates aren’t that bad and could range from .10 to .25 cents per post.

If you’re interested in this kind of job, you are free to try anytime. Forum posting is perfect for stay-at-home moms or those who are still waiting for calls from their prospective employers. If you need to earn money, take this opportunity and start your side hustle today.