five examples of simple sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences and compound complex sentences

Here are five examples of each type of sentence:

Simple Sentences:

  1. The cat slept on the mat.
  2. She reads books every evening.
  3. The sun rises in the east.
  4. He enjoys playing football.
  5. The flowers are blooming.

Compound Sentences:

  1. I wanted to go for a walk, but it started raining.
  2. She likes to swim, and he prefers to run.
  3. The car broke down, so we took a bus.
  4. He studied hard, yet he didn’t pass the exam.
  5. I will cook dinner, or we can order pizza.

Complex Sentences:

  1. Because it was raining, we stayed indoors.
  2. She didn’t go to the party since she was feeling ill.
  3. When the phone rang, she answered it immediately.
  4. He completed his homework before he went to bed.
  5. Although it was cold, he went out without a coat.

Compound-Complex Sentences:

  1. Though she was tired, she finished her homework, and she went to bed early.
  2. I wanted to buy the book because it looked interesting, but it was too expensive.
  3. When the movie ended, we left the theater, and we went to a nearby café.
  4. He didn’t see the stop sign, so he ran the red light, and the police pulled him over.
  5. Because I was hungry, I made a sandwich, and I drank some juice.

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