Iram Bint Safia (Life Coach)

#irambintsafia#HafizAhmed#parentingWelcome back to the Hafiz Ahmed Podcast! In this episode, we have a truly remarkable guest, Iram Bint Safia, a distinguished Life Coach and Parenting & Wellbeing Expert. Iram Bint Safia is a guiding light when it comes to life coaching, parenting, and overall wellbeing. Her expertise and insights have positively impacted the lives of many. Join Hafiz Ahmed and Iram as they delve into an enriching conversation about personal development, parenting, and finding balance in our fast-paced world. Discover valuable tips, strategies, and wisdom that can help you navigate the complexities of life. Iram Bint Safia’s inspirational journey and the knowledge she imparts are sure to leave you motivated and enlightened. Tune in to this episode and embark on a path of self-discovery and personal growth with Iram Bint Safia and Hafiz Ahmed! #hafizahmedpodcast#irambintsafia#lifecoach#parenting Important Topics in Podcast: 0:00 – Highlights 1:31 – Guest Introduction 3:17 – Problems as Single Parent Child 6:27 – After Separation Meet with parents? 6:54 – Facing Trauma being a Single Parent Child 12:28 – How to Manage Home Schooling? 14:58 – Process of Home Schooling 20:33 – Bounding between Parents and Children’s 33:48 – What is Emotionally Support between Couples? 38:00 – Being a Life Coach How to Trust Someone 42:38 – How to win Children’s Trust? 48:13 – Treat Harshly with Children’s 51:22 – Training of Children’s in Joint Families 57:47 – Anger Issue in Early Age 1:01:10 – How to Create a Sense of Responsibility in Children? 1:04:10 – Message for Parents Hafiz Ahmed is an Amazon Best Seller, E-Commerce Expert, and Entrepreneur. He educates his followers through his videos by sharing his personal and professional experiences in Pakistan and throughout the world. He also holds seminars both worldwide and locally to help Pakistanis overcome unemployment, which is the country’s most serious problem. In today’s fast-paced world, it is critical for businesses to have an efficient marketing plan that gives a favorable return on investment and raises brand awareness He established the Virtual Assistant Mentorship program to continue training and supporting virtual assistants while also assisting them in finding new employment and projects. You are welcome to observe that Hafiz Ahmed appears on practically all of Pakistan’s main TV channels as an E-Commerce expert and analyst. Please follow Hafiz Ahmed’s official YouTube channel to receive frequent updates on E-Commerce and other current problems. To get in touch with Hafiz Ahmed please email at or What’s app @ +92 345 4466282. Follow Hafiz Ahmed on Facebook;   /  #amazon#HafizAhmed#onlineEarning

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