12-Jumada al-thani-1444

(42:36) Whatever ˹pleasure˺ you have been given is ˹no more than a fleeting˺ enjoyment of this worldly life. But what is with Allah is far better and more lasting for those who believe and put their trust in their Lord; 42:37) who avoid major sins and shameful deeds, and forgive when angered; (42:38) who respond to their Lord, establish prayer, conduct their affairs by mutual consultation, and donate from what We have provided for them. [Quran]

It is narrated on the authority of Abu Shuraih al-Khuzai’ that the Prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) observed: He who believes in Allah and the Last Day should do good to his neighbour and he who believes in Allah and the Last Day should show hospitality to the guest and he who believes in Allah and the Last Day should either speak good or better remain silent. [Sahih Muslim]

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Islamic Teachings and Fundamentals

1. Towards Understanding Islam (Risala-e-Diniyaat) Buy

2. Let us be Muslim (Khutbaat) Buy | Islamic Terms

3. Vitals of Faith (Tauheed aur Risalat ka Aqli Suboot)

4. Understanding Islamic Civilization (Islami Tahzib)

5. The Islamic Way of Life (Islam ka Nizam-e-Hayat)

6. Islam at a Glance (Islam Aik Nazar Main)

7. Islamic Creed QA (PDF 5.8MB) | Major Sins in Islam

8. Festivals in IslamTwenty Year Islamic Calendar

Family / Social Life

1. Family Life in Islam | Kindness to Parents (PDF 3.9MB)

2. Woman and Islam (Aurat Aur Islam)

3. Hijab (Purdah) and the Status of Woman in Islam

4. The Rights and Duties of Spouses (Huqooq uz Zaujein)

5. The Ideal Muslim | The Ideal Muslimah

6. Raising Children – New Born | Creed | Worship | Moral & Social

7. O My Child! You’ve Become an Adult | Young Men Be Productive

8. Neighbours’ Rights (2.6MB) | Social System of Islam

Quran Commentary / Resources

1. Quran Arabic IndoPak | Uthmanic Hafs | Fonts 30 Juz’ PDF

2. Quran Translation – Saheeh Maududi Daryabadi Yusuf Ali

3. Quran Tafsir Text – Tafheem 1 | new |Dawat Ishraq | Clear

4. Quran Tafsir Scan – Maarif Dawat | Fidhilal | Daryabadi

5. Weekly Recitation | Translation Recitation | Share Tafsir 1 | 2

6. Quran Word for Word Scan – Glorious Quran | Mohar Ali

7. Quran Word for Word Text – Quranwbw | Surah | Week | Month

8. Quran Word for Word Video Monthly | 30 Juz’ | Audio En | Ur

9. Quran Structure (Chapter, Juz) | Survey of Quran Translations

10. Four Basic Terms | Way to the Quran (Quran ka Rasta) Buy

11. Quran Basic Reading 1 (PDF 3.6MB) | (PDF 2MB) | Tajweed 1 | 2

Hadith Collection

1. The Major Hadith Collections (external link)

2. The Prophetic Way of Life (Rah-e-Amal) / Scan Pages

3. The Provision for Akhirah (Zad-e-Rah) / Scan Pages

4. The Way of the Prophet (Intekhab-e-Hadith) / Scan Pages

5. Riyadhus-Saliheen (The Gardens of the Righteous)

6. One Hundred and Ten Ahadith Qudsi

7. An-Nawawi 40 Hadith (Al-Arbaʿīn Al-Nawawiyyah)

8. A Day with the Prophet (200 Daily Actions) Buy

9. 100 Weak Hadith | Concocted (PDF 3.3MB) (To Avoid in Speech)

10. Introduction to the Sciences of Hadith (PDF 4.1MB)


Biography of Prophet Muhammad (Seerah)

1. Muhammad the Guide of Mankind (Muhammad-e-Arabi)

2. Holy Life of Hazrat Muhammad (Hayyat-e-Tayyaba)

3. The Benefactor of Humanity (Muhsin-e-Insaniyat)

4. Mercy For Mankind (Rahmatul-lil-Alameen)

5. The Sealed Nectar (Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum)

6. Muhammad the Ideal Prophet (PDF 3MB)

7. Muhammad the Last Prophet (PDF 1.9MB)

8. The Last Sermon of Prophet Muhammad

9. The Sunnah: A Source of Civilization

10. Finality of Prophethood (Khatm-e-Nubuwwat)

11. Images from the Prophet’s Life Album (Chand Tasveeren)

Stories of Prophets, Companions, History

1. Stories of the Prophets (Qasasul Anbiya)

2. Stories in the Quran by Ibn Kathir

3. Biographies of the Companions (Sahaabah)

4. Great Women of Islam (Mother of Believers & Sahabiyat) (PDF 2.7MB)

5. The Battles of The Prophet (Gazwat-ar-Rasool) (PDF 1.8MB)

6. Jihad in Islam (Historical Perspective) (PDF 1.9MB)

7. Islamic History (Islami Tareekh) (PDF 6.3MB)

8. History of Revivalist Movement (Tajdid-o-Ihya-i-Din)

9. Timeline (History of Islam)

Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence)

1. Etiquettes of Life in Islam (Adaab-e-Zindagi)

2. Fiqh us Sunnah | Terms Dictionary

3. Al-Halal Wal Haram Fil Islam (Lawful and Prohibited in Islam)

4. A Guide to Prayer in Islam (PDF 2.8MB)

5. Fiqh Al Zakah Vol 1 (PDF 2.6MB)Fiqh Al Zakah Vol 2 (PDF 3.7MB)

6. Economic System Of Islam (PDF 6.1MB)

7. Hajj & Umrah Pilgrimage

Social Issues, Queries and Solutions

1. The Qadiani Problem (Non-Muslim Ahmadiyya Group) (PDF 2.9MB)

2. Triple Talaq (Divorce) in the light of Qur’an & Sunnah (Talaq Kab Aur Kaise)

3. Nikah Halala and Nikah Tahleel

4. Muslim Personal Law and Uniform Civil Code (PDF 4.86MB)

5. Quran & Hadith on Hijab, Niqab and Burqa

6. Chronology of Hadrat Ayesha during lifetime of Prophet

Education Development

1. Biographies of Muslim Scholars and Scientists (PDF 1.4MB)

2. Al-Muhaddithat: The Women Scholars of Hadith in Islam (PDF 5.6MB)

3. The Education (Ta’leemat) (PDF 3.1MB)

4. M.A. Islamic Studies – Entrance | Syllabus

Economic Development

1. The Economic Problem of Man and Its Islamic Solution

2. Notes on Islamic Finance and Insurance

3. Interest Free Microfinance (Example) (PDF 1.4MB)

4. Islamic BankingBuy | Profit Sharing

Purification (Tazkiyah)

1. Islamic Monotheism (Kitab at Tawheed)

2. Strengthening of the Faith (Taqwiyat ul Iman)

3. Humility in Prayer (Khushu) (PDF 5.7MB)

4. A List of Comprehensive Dua’s (PDF 2.5MB)

5. Hisnul Muslim Supplications – click Home (external link)

Trainning (Tarbiah)

1. Self Development | In the Early Hours: Reflections Buy

2. Inter Personal Relations (Karkunon ke Bahami Taaluqaat)

3. Dying and Living for Allah (Last Will – Akhri Wasiyat) Buy

4. Making the most of Ramadhan (Ramadan Kaisay Guzarain)

Invitation to Non-Muslims (Dawah)

1. Dawah Guide (PDF 5.8MB)

2. Dawah among Non Muslims in the West

3. Dawah – What and How (PDF 3.2MB)

4. A Brief Illustrated Guide to Islam (PDF 1.24MB)

5. The Bible, The Quran and Science (PDF 5.95MB)

6. Introduction to Islam with QA

Reform of Muslims (Islah)

1. The Road to Peace and Salvation (Salamati ka Rasta)

2. Witness Unto Mankind (Shahadat-e-Haq)

3. The Right System of Life (Deen-e-Haq)

4. Islam and Ignorance (Islam aur Jahiliyat)

5. Destiny and Fatalism (Jabr-o-Qadr)

6. Awakening Between Rejection and Extremism (PDF 4.77MB)

Social Service (Khidmat-e-Khalq)

1. The Concept of Social Service in Islam

2. School Kit Program (Example) (PDF 1.1MB)

3. Ramadan Kit Program (Example) (PDF 1.9MB)

4. Relief Works (Example) (PDF 2.2MB)

5. The Excellence of Charity (PDF 1.9MB)

Organization (Tanzeem)

1. Guidelines for Islamic Workers (Aham Hidayatein)

2. Prerequisites for Success (Kamyabi Ke Sharaet)

3. Value, Power & Change (Akhlaqi Bunyadain) (PDF 3.1MB)

4. Islamic Education (Tarbiyah Al Islamiyah)

5. Priorities (Tahreeqe Islami ke Targihat)

6. Pitfalls (Rahe Haq ke Muhal-liq Khatrein)

7. Narratives Roodad Vol 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

8. A Historical Address at Madras (Khutba-e-Madras)

Islamic Process

1. Our Message

2. Nations Rise & Fall Why? (Banao Aur Bigar)

3. Milestones (Ma’alim fi-l-Tariq)

4. The Misunderstood Religion (Shubuhāt Hawla al-Islām)

5. The Process of Islamic Revolution

6. System of Government under the Holy Prophet

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