Though the NDA got more seats than INDIA Alliance, yet this result is a defeat for NDA. They claimed 400 paar, but fell below 300 & BJP fell well short of a majority. See the odds against which the INDIA alliance contested. They didn’t even have 10% of money that BJP had. Their accounts were frozen, their leaders arrested. Virtually the entire mainstream media became a propaganda arm of BJP. The ECI was also partisan &batting for BJP. Virtually all institutions including most of the judiciary were also batting for the BJP. For the Opposition to snatch victory from the jaws of BJP is an enormous achievement. Made possible by the heroic efforts of many INDIA leaders particularly Rahul, Priyanka, Akhilesh, Mamta, Tejaswi, MK Stalin, Uddhav Thakre; & many heroic people on YouTube & social media particularly Ravish, Dhruv, Ajit Anjum, Akash Bannerjee, Punya Prasun, Bhagat Ram, Ms Medusa, Neha Singh Rathore, Ranting Gola, Sakshi Joshi to name only a few. Many alternate media platforms like The Wire, Scroll, Caravan, Newslaundry, Reporters Collective etc to name a few. Also many YouTube news channels like DB News, 4 PM news, to name only a few. Also many Political commentators like Yogendra Yadav & social media influencers like Zubair et al & countless civil society human rights defenders. There are many many sung & unsung heroes who came together to save our Democracy & Constitution. Let us all savour & celebrate this moment

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